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The aesthetics of 1&1 cannot compete with the wow factor of Squarespace. One and one Website Builder. Are you looking for an easy-to-use website builder with hundreds of features?

1st&1 Website Builder Reviews 2018

I&1 is a web host and website development firm with a long, surprising story. With the launch of its US business in 2003, 1&1 is one of America's five top webhosters. 1&1's mother is United Internet and has been managed by CEO Robert Hoffmann since 2014. As I first visited 1&1.com, I couldn't help but note a pretty strong esthetic contrast to the front pages of other major website developers, who tended to surprise you with a neat, rigorous, vague Apple-like appearance to signal a culture affiliation with the creativity world.

1&1's design of the outside, with its progressive web hostings, is designed to put the focus on doing things in an enjoyable way. A lot of do-it-yourself web builder includes a free boneless blueprint for those who want to immerse their toe in the web site building game. The complete 1&1 Website Builder Schedules, Functions and Pricing can be found here:

1&1 MyWebsite is web-based, as is usual with today's website builder. One 1&1 rep said I might run into incompatibility problems if I tried to create my website with a different web browser. 1&1's Website Builder offers you a rich 10,000 template files - 200 for face-to-face subscription - some of which are clearly focused on specific industries: photographic, travelling, restaurant, building, etc.

Fortunately, they are all much more appealing to the eyes than 1&1's own homepage. Of course, when you open the Website Builder, you can click on the quiz button in the top right hand corner bar to go to the Help section, where you will find six 3-6 minute long video tutorials that will guide you through the fundamentals of website building.

Those videoclips are very useful to introduce the different functions and edit possibilities of the Site-Builder. For example, the Layouts videotape shows a layoutselector that contains 183 layouts, not the 71 we actually receive.

Regarding the website builder itself, Jimdo visitors (which we have checked here) will find a noticeable resemblance between this and 1&1's website builder. Indeed, 1&1 and Jimdo were once partners, and the heart of the 1&1 Site Builder was build by Jimdo during this relationship.

Styles Editor: If you click the Styles pushbutton on the side of the page, you will be taken to the Styles window, where you can customize the look of the colours and text on your website and the wallpaper. In this way, you can change the look and feel of your website while maintaining a consistent look and feel. What's more, you can also change the look and feel of your website.

Unfortunately, you are not free to adapt the styles of certain parts of the text spontaneously. Attempt to do this and you will be sent back to the major styles area where you can change the text sizes and fonts of the headline text, plain text or linktext - but only at once.

An easy 1&1 included features - a features unexplainably omitted by many other website builder - is the possibility to go through the story of your editing and recover your website at any earlier stage of its development. Allowing you to confidently work on your site because you know you can go on a straight line and revert as many of your changes as you want later.

With 1&1, you can see a snapshot of what your website will look like on a computer and on a portable part. Something that 1&1 has to offer - something I found in Apple's Apple app store and not on 1&1's website - is a portable application named MyWebsite blog. Allows you to share your 1&1 blogs on a portable phone.

It is a convenient function in the lack of a full portable processing capability. Picture processing program: 1&1 is the picture processing program. You can click on any picture on your website and change its size, cropping it and/or opening the picture processing program.

You can use the Picture Editing application to modify the alignment of the photograph, adjusting lightness and sharpening, adding text to the picture (good for creating memos), or adding an "effect" that acts as an Instagram-like filtering. Shape Builder: A further item that you can move to your page using dragging and dropping is the Shape Builder.

You' get a headline, text boxes, and check boxes, but it's quite fixed in comparison to Jimdo's Shape Builder, which is more sophisticated in the items you can put in. It is an indicator that Jimdo has given its website builder a higher level of development TLC than 1&1 since the separation of the companies:

Whereas 1&1's in-house e-commerce solutions are only available with a relatively expensive premium plan, 1&1's default site builder contains the 3rd-party PayPal Mini Shop, which is quite restricted in what it allows and cannot be customised in look and feel (other e-commerce applications available are CafePress, Ecwid Shop and Etsy Gallery).

A premium plan gives you full 1&1 MyStore connectivity, a more efficient e-commerce option. However, it's not very simple to setup and doesn't go well with the remainder of the Builder. html/csss processing: For those of you with coding skills, you will be happy to know that 1&1 allows you to add your own HTML/CSS codes to your own layouts.

Simply click the HTML/CSS page after you click the Layout pushbutton and encode the overnight. Now you can add your own pictures to the created lay-out. A few of them don't allow you to resize the cover picture, and a few of them restrict your styling choices. An advantage of changing from 1&1 to 1&1 is that all your contents are copied to the new lay-out you select.

You''ll be under a great deal of pressure when selecting a design, knowing that your contents won't be associated with it forever. 1&1 currently offers no way to modify your website from a cell device, but they do offer the MyWebsite Blogs application mentioned earlier, which gives you the liberty to post, share and modify blogs on the go.

Also 1&1 explains that its Web Builder is tablet-friendly, so working with your website on a single tray shouldn't be a hassle. 1&1 does a good job when it comes to building your own portable website, and retains all your contents and styles. You cannot, however, make any changes specifically to the look and feel of your website.

One common topic of complaint is 1&1's support, which, contrary to my experience, many have found to be insufficiently thorough and even "robotic". "However, some of these grievances relate in particular to the 1&1 operation's host page and not to the website construction services. I have also found many complains about 1&1's accounting practice, with some clients still being charged long after trying to terminate their account.

Those critiques are not specifically for the website construction services, but underline the fact that 1&1, a business older than the World Wide Web itself, is not a fly-by-night-enterprise. 1&1's trademark call may be that of a remote business icon, but its website builder is a rugged, easy-to-use utility that will make it easier for the novice to wish for a simple website on the old information highway.

Although I noticed a certain inertia when I loaded layouts previews, the editors do what I would have expected from a WYSIWYG website editors and do it largely well. The Jimdo is just a better value and has the advantage of being a website building business, unlike 1&1, a web host that offers a website creator.

1&1's Site Builder is sufficient in a void and should satisfy the needs of most people.

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