$1 Photo

One photo

Store cheap bulk dollar picture frames and store, cheapest picture frames in large quantities buy online bulk buy cheap picture frames. The results. Octobers $1 (or equivalent) Photo Challenge results are here!!!

It was the assumption of this competition to see if an costly plaything is the mystery of great plaything photograph. So we wanted to find out if everyone would limit themselves to taking pictures of gadgets that were less than $1 or the equivalents if we saw the same level of craftsmanship and imagination that we were used to.

Results are here and we can say without a shadow of a doubt cheaper gadgets are also suitable for creating photos. This year' s competition winners are John Van Regemortel for his "Jedi Landing on Dagobah". Krzysztof ?uszpi?ski, who may not have taken a photo of a gadget, took third place, his photo capturing the ghost of gadget photographing.

l loved his creativity! When I say how much this competition was enjoyable, I am speaking for all the presenters. Since our test persons were inexpensive toy, there was no need to make them look good. Knowing that we couldn't make our toy look real, the group of us chose to have some party instead.

Below are some more great samples of the $1 Photo challenge that was conducted by our presenters and participants. We' ve released a new challange in our G+ community: These are the details: Frequently, detail is ignored by the deliberate observer's observations, but it still contributes to (or interferes with) an overall picture.

A lot of gadgets out there have nice detail that we take for granted. A lot of gadgets out there have nice detail that we take for granted. What do you think? Some of the smallest gadgets have one or the other thing that is worth putting in the picture. On the photo below I focused on the small Cruz Ramirez icon on the mudguard. Hopefully you will take part in this funny little adventure and show us the detail of your favourite toy.

In our Tips and Trickssection Tony has published three different technique to help you meet this month's challenges. So, why not go through the fellowship and review all the detail? Thanks to everyone who took part in our $1 Photo challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing what you created for this month's game.

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