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Get 100 Free Website Builders and Hosting

The free plan includes Site Builder with unlimited pages, Apps Installer, unlimited bandwidth and 100% uptime. Create beautiful, mobile, friendly websites that don't require programming skills. Designed for 1 website; 1 email account; 100GB bandwidth;

1 x computing power & memory.

Website.com Site Builder

Does the Website Builder come for free? Are there different hosting schedules with different functions for the Website Builder schedules? It has 3 stages for the website builder's plans: Starter, Professional and E-Commerce. Starter Plan is part of all our Basic Hosting and Starter Hosting bundles. Professional Site Builder is available for our schedules of Unlimited Hosting XR, Unlimited Hosting, Unlimited Windows, Unlimited SSD, Ultra Hosting and Ultra Windows.

Ecommerce Site Builder is available in the Business Enterprise, Business Premium and Business Standard packages. Have a look at the complete feature set of the Site Builder. What do I do to get to the Website Builder? Simply login to the Member Zone and you will see a website activation flag. com Site Builder!

Will I need any designing or programming skills to use the Site Builder? Select a style sheet and simply pull and dropping your contents to create the look you want. Releasing your website to life is as simple as click "Publish". "I am a webdesigner, can I still use the Site Builder?

The Site Builder is very easy to use, but also offers a great deal of versatility - so that your fantasy knows no bounds. And if you choose, you can even redesign your website from the ground up, rather than using a pattern. Overall, using the Website Builder can help you avoid the hassle of spending your valuable resources while at the same creating your own website.

Using the Website Builder layers Professionals and E-Commerce (included with your hosting plan and higher ) you can build a portable copy of your website using the Mobil Player. If I don't have my own pictures for my website, what happens? Site Builder contains literally thousands of free, professionally designed, copyright-free archive photographs that you can use!

I created my website with WordPress, but can I try the Site Builder and see which one I like most? When you already have a WordPress site (or another CMS, encoded, etc.) that runs smoothly, you can enable and use Site Builder while your existing site remains alive.

Once you've created the site with Site Builder, if you would rather go to the Site Builder site, you can simply post your site and divert to Website.com. Does e-mail hosting come with it? Our hosting plan all includes domains e-mail hosting and e-mailing. Whether or not you opt for Site Builder, you can always use your e-mail hosting services.

I have used WordPress before, and many paid additional costs for my work. Are there any hooks when using the Site Builder template? In contrast to other plattforms, all website template with Site Builder are free in your schedule! Do not hesitate to try different designs and select the one you like.

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