12 Month Sales Forecast Excel

Sales forecast for 12 months Excel

Hello everyone I'm trying to put together a 12 month sales forecast based on 12 months of historical data. We first need a sales forecast for January, the first month of our table. If you are working on sales forecasts, Microsoft Excel can do all the calculations for you.

Sales forecast for 12 month from 12 month sales story

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Calculating Sales Forecasts with Excel

If you are working on sales projections, Microsoft Excel can do all the calculation for you. The majority of sales projections involve two kinds of calculations: the addition of sales and the multiplication of sales figures - or occasional reduction. Turnover is rarely constant, and many stores have turnover volatility throughout the year.

Collect all your sales documents for the prior year to make your forecast for the next year as precise as possible. Store a copy of your forecast. Provides you with invaluable information as you work on your next year's forecast. You can click on the empty square below your past sales columns, next to the words "Total".

The Excel calculates the sales columns summatically. Forecast", click on the first row. As a result, a feature is inserted directly into this element that will add the two adjacent elements. To do this, click on this button and substitute ":" with "" so that it will multiply the numbers instead. As an alternative, you can also enter the =SUM (B2C2) option in the field.

By pressing "Enter", the value of the selected option is converted into a value in dollars, which results from the multiplication of the numbers. To copy, click on the cells with the first "Forecast" number you just generated and click "Ctrl-C". To insert the cells, click on the cells below and click "Ctrl-V". Automatic adjustment of the feature for this month and the percent of changes.

In the Forecast columns, click each left of the cells and hit Ctrl-V until each is filled with a value in dollars. In the " Sum " line, click the bottom of the " Forecast " columns to select the cells. You can click on the "Auto Total" icon to generate a sum of the forecast sales for the year. You can use frames and colours to enhance the forecast when you present it to a supervisor or customer.

It is also possible to copy and past the cell into a Word file to make a professional-looking file. "Excel for Calculating Sales Forecasts."

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