121 King Street Melbourne

Melbourne 121 King Street

Object data for 121 King Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000. Receive sold price history for this house & median real estate prices for Melbourne, Vic 3000. 1/121 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000. P.

O. Box 16122 Collins Street West Victoria 8007 Australia. Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia.

Real Estate Report for 121 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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The interest rate and redemption amount may vary. The application for a housing construction credit is submitted upon authorisation and collateral is deemed sufficient. The 121 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 is a building with 15 car parks. Domain Property ID is LF-9607-ZQ. The last time 121 King Street was bought was 21 years ago for $2,915 million.

Parsons Hill Stenhouse was selling it. See street profile for King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000. On the same street, 26-32 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 was just offered for purchase.

122 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Real estate rented in 3/121 King Street, NEWCASTLE NSW, 2300 (11225304)

Situated in the centre of the Newcastle CBD, this is the ideal place to run and begin your day's work. Renters have their own privacy where they can work from a large meeting room and have full use of a large meeting room and an excavation area. If you need more or less room, we have fully equipped and fully equipped office spaces from 10sqm - 200sqm throughout Australia and New Zealand.

WHO' IS THE OFFICE JUNCTION? Our team has the biggest range of common rooms, co-working and managed office in Australia and New Zealand, perfectly suited for 1 - 100 people. Allow us to show you how community and managed office can be the ideal fit for your company. The following terms and condition apply: - Part of the m² factor for accessing common areas.

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