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Usability, pricing, features, design

Site-123 is an easy-to-use website builder that allows you to build promotional pages, destination pages, blog posts and small on-line stores. Any website built on this foundation is highly reactive and can be searched on any device. A key feature of SQLITE123 is the ability to build multi-lingual Web pages.

In this case the Website Builder's advertising flag is displayed in the bottom line and you cannot create the Second Level domain. It is aimed primarily at consumers and shopkeepers who need a website quickly, simply and without sacrificing any of its qualities or professionality.

In fact, the fact is that using and using SQLITE123 is so straightforward and user-friendly that even beginners who are willing to build tailor-made sites can take advantage of it. Join Site-123 and begin building a website from your Google+ or Facebook accounts. There are only useful choices and functions that influence the way you build your website.

No need to be a professional to work with the SITE123 Dashboard. The SITE123 provides instant dashboard control. It is the place where you can see all the sites you have made. For each page you can select any ad size (3-4 variations according to the page category, be it a blogsite, an on-line store, a promotional website, About us page).

It provides customisation utilities for all the above website items. Preferences include general Site Explorer preferences, selection of languages and locations, data protection statement policies, and selection of site types (one-page site or normal site). Note that ship123 has a robot. nxt Files processing option. Quite openly, not every website builder allows you to modify this data because it is often created at system layer.

All changes to the website are made using the above described adjustments in the side bar and are displayed in real-time fashion. Designed for those who will use Site-123 to create functionally, rationally designed and aesthetically pleasing shopping experiences, the system provides an enhanced eCommerce toolset that makes it easy and hassle-free to create an amazing market place for effectively winning customers.

SITE123 allows you to track orders and product to increase your revenue and give your clients greater control over their choices. It affects all items of your shop, from the creation of shop windows to the look of the basket. The SITE123 also offers multi-currency selection capabilities and offers a wide variety of locally and internationally available currencies, the lists of which are regularly up-dated.

In addition, Website Builder now has a convenient and even indispensable PayPal function that makes it possible to pay on-line. If, for any reasons, a player is unable to make on-line payment, the system allows the use of the Off-line Payment facility. A further eye-catcher of the SITE123 eCommerce tool set is the possibility to generate and administer vouchers in order to grant rebates to those who shop in your web shop.

In addition, the Website Builder allows you to adjust properties (color, size, materials, price, rebates, etc.) and categorize goods according to these criteria. In addition to the other benefits of the SITE123 eCommerce tools, it makes good business sense of mentioning a number of Gateway Integrator, VAT and Shipment options, an optional feature that allows users to combine the sale of electronic goods with real ones, basket viewing in the webshop menus, setting up a branch stock system, viewing related goods that can be a great alternate to the articles consumers are looking for, and much more.

This makes SITE123 a good option for those who are ready to build a trusted web shop experience. Introducing a blogs is an efficient way to give your website a better look and feel on-line and draw the interest of your people. The themes may differ in terms of your blogs specialisation and the objectives you have.

SITE123 does not require much amount of patience and dedication to create a blogs because it provides you with all the necessary utilities and choices for this use. So you can select from a wide range of high-quality blogs template choices depending on the styles, themes, and functions you need. Once you've posted a new article, you don't have to immediately put it on your blogs.

For example, you can go on holiday or schedule your daily routine as needed, and the system updates your blogs with new planned entries for you. The SITE123 also has a beautiful comment system that allows visitors to add their own commentary under each entry, exchange views and discuss the issues covered.

It is a great way to increase your website' traffic and keep your blogs interesting and alive. And if you don't want to authorize every single note in your blogs, you can create an automatic confirmation function that accepts all your blogs' remarks without prior facilitation, which saves you a lot of hassle and work.

You can use the Disqus or Facebook annotation system to manage your blogs annotations. When you want to allow your visitors to keep up with your blogs, SITE123 offers the ability to create RSS news reader feeds that you can use to keep up with your blogs. Ensuring that a website is secure from unauthorised use is a must for every website user.

Considering this need, SITE123 allows you to connect the SSL secured cryptographic protocols to your projects, giving you the assurance that it is safe. Web sites that are SSL-enabled have a higher level of privacy, while the information they contain is secured around the clock by enhanced protection features. On SITE123 this is a free of charge feature. SITE123 allows you to generate and enable your domain-related e-mail for free!

SITE123 has recently introduced a very useful utility for global companies. You don't have to build a website in other tongues, you can just choose to build another one. However, this ease has a number of functions that I have never seen before in a website builder. This system automates the translation of all header and subheader of your website.

They can also associate a different domainname with each linguistic variant with one click - the dreams of male Web masters working with multiple linguistic Sites. Website Builder is an excellent way to build promotional sites and weblogs. They can also build a small shop on-line, but get prepared to put all your items in the shop by hand.

You have a basket and the possibility to pay PayPal-line. It is a good choice for blogging and promotional sites, but it is quite difficult to set up a large on-line store or a high value page. While SITE123 is straightforward and user-friendly for beginners, it does not have detailed features that could allow you to set up your own stores and target sites.

Luckily, SITE123's customisation tool is versatile and simple to use. If, for some simple reasons, the design you choose does not meet your needs, simply build a new website with a different design. In summary, it can be said that there are similar but high qualitiy models in offer on offer from Sony123. Website-Builder also allows you to build a website in two ways: one-sided and multi-sided.

You can find a functional explanation and a videotutorial for working with the Website Builder on the website. There are five different maps in the system, which differ in the amount of hard drive memory and website bandwith. SITE123' price policies vary according to the user's area. This is where we had a look at the prices for North American customers.

The Free Planner is not deserving of your interest as it is not possible to have your own website builder's own website advertising on it. You can use it to discover the possibilities that the site has to offer. Remember that each schedule allows you to build the infinite number of sites on one single site but each site must be purchased individually.

This is the larger website you want to build, the more costly layout you need to buy. On the other hand, purchasing restrictions (other than Gold Plan) make it difficult to build a small shop-system. Nothing stops you from setting up branches and blogging here. SITE123 is all in all quite inexpensive, but the functions and restrictions of the blueprints make the concept of building a large number of web pages that are not so alluring.

There are many blog and promotional sites that you can build here, so it's up to you to choose if this site suits your needs. Versatile pricing for multi-regional subscribers makes this website builder more accessible than other clampoud service providers. But on the other side, an occasion to even build a website for $117.6 a year seems to be a pretty good one.

Therefore, this website builder is a good alternative for those who will be working with customer specific project. The SITE123 is a fun website builder for beginners. Simpleness, usability, no programming and web designing knowledge needed; A wide selection of template choices and neat customisation utilities; A way to build many sites with just one site ID; Responsible template choices; Plugin accessibility and multiple features that allow you to work with different set of different types of SQL Server settings.

One of the drawbacks of the Website Builder is that it can be used to Improper setup options for professionals; Too easy to set up on-line stores and target pages (but they are good enough for most users); Free schedule parameter and some chargeable schedules significantly restrict the ability to build a large functioning website. In summary, the site is a good option for beginners who are willing to build one or two web pages for their own use, such as promotional web pages, portfolio or blog.

There is a large variety of choices available in Website Builder, but these are restricted by the feature set of the maps and the inadequate level of detail in the setting for landings pages and on-line stores. The SITE123 is a fun website builder for most people. Can be used to set up promotional sites and blog posts. From a technical point of view, there is the possibility to make on-line stores and landings pages, but their qualities hardly satisfy the needs of professional people.

Installing plug-ins can significantly extend the system's capabilities, but that won't make Website Builder a universally useful utility for building different kinds of work. Site-123 is a cost-effective solution for those who want to build a single Web site. Web sites built with Site-123 are contemporary, classy and attractive, yet very similar.

When I tested the rig, I came to the conclusion that the first SITE123 experience was a reflection of its real-world characteristics. This website creator is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. Looks good and beautiful, and its functions are sufficient to work with customers' sites.

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