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Sixteen was a fan magazine published in New York City. Newspaper publisher loses $1.5 million to cyber fraud.

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Sixteen was a New York City based fanzine. Gloria Stavers, long-time editor-in-chief, former modelling and subscription manager, turned 16 from a general -interest magazine into a big fans' magazine that concentrated on women of the target audience as its main group. She decided to address this particular population situation because she had seen many newsletters from nine to twelve-year-old teenage boys that she had written to favorite prominent people in the magazine's editorial staff, and she recalled how she felt at that age[3] and created a phrase to help raise readers in that audience.

Even though the items were newspaper-based, 16 colourful, shiny pin-up prints showed up. Before the 1970', most of the celebrity pin-ups were kept neat, but 16 began to sexualise the placards they presented to do justice to the more liberal time. Sixteen magazines also often ran competitions that gave the winners the chance to get together and welcome their favourite actor.

Instead of asking the performer serious question about musically influenced and socially charged things, it offers the reader an interview in which he asks a prominent person about his favourite colour or food, or lets him describe his "ideal girl" or the date of his dreams. When he was married, in a long-term relation, or not heterosexually in terms of direction, this information was kept out of the magazine, as was any message about the fame that even pointed to a glare.

He also tried to broaden the perceptions of teenage icons by presenting such unlikely nominees as Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy and shocking rock star Alice Cooper. The former 16 journalists of the magazine Randi Reisfeld and the musical critics Danny Fields released the memorial album " Who's Your Fave Rave?" in 1997 on the occasion of their 40-year anniversary.

"A 16 year old review and a life -long essay by the publisher reminiscent of an edition of the magazine. A CD of the same name with many of the popular artists that have been advertised in the magazine over the years was also released. In spite of the absence of serious editorial contents and strong opposition from Tiger Beat and other prominent publications, 16 remain the best-selling teenage magazine for many years.

At least 30 years after its release, the 16 magazine was completely self-supporting. During 2001, 16 became part of the teenage magazines of Primedia and is regarded as a monthly "specials" edition that focuses on a particular theme or act. Nevertheless, no 16 Magazine issues, whether full or featured, have been seen or released since then, not even on-line.

At this point, newer teenage magazine had taken power, like J14, M Magazine, Popstar! Magazine, and the "Risen" Tiger Beat. The teenage icons on the pages of the 16 Magazine in the 1950' include Elvis Presley, Paul Anka, Dion and mousse artist Annette Funicello. In the 1960''s, 16 Magazine presented its readership with a wide range of rocks and roll/pop shows, called "faves" by editors and readership alike.

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