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Launch your WordPress blog with 1&1 and enjoy the flexibility. Attractive WordPress functions in a tailored Managed Hosting package.

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Please select from the following enhancements for the free of charge range of domains: Please select from the following enhancements for the free of charge range of domains: Please select from the following enhancements for the free of charge range of domains: Special WordPress developed bundles make sure that your project is as fast as possible on-line. With just a few mouse clicks, installation of the latest WordPress release is easy and includes a large variety of major plug-ins, topics and enhancements for your web space.

1&1 performs safety and kernel release upgrades automaticly. In the unlikely case that you have any queries or encounter any problem, our 1&1 professionals are available around the clock by telephone and email. 1&1 WordPress Assistant will guide you through the process of installing and commissioning your WordPress projects. 1&1 installs important safety and kernel versions update files automatic.

The WordPress versions and enhancements are reviewed periodically and upgraded each time. No need to be afraid - the WordPress professionals at 1&1 make sure that your WordPress release and protection is always up to date. We' ve assembled the most favorite applications, the most useful plug-ins, and the most interesting topics. Our available applications are constantly being expanded so that you always have the best option for your webproject.

If you have any queries about our hosted services or in the unlikely case of a problem, our specialists are available around the clock via telephone or email. WordPress professionals provide qualified 24x7 technical assistance, both over the telephone and in our client area. No matter if you are currently creating your WordPress projects or if you need to manage your on-line projects continuously, our representatives will be pleased to assist you with their expertise!

The 1&1 Community contains a lot of useful information that will help you with your WordPress work. Find out more about strategy, topics, and plug-ins, as well as simple and sophisticated ways to build better quality work. We' re offering you better value than ever before. With up to 2 GB ROM guarantees, unrestricted web space and the 1&1 CDN, we provide you with high performing power for your WordPress work.

The use of NSINX allows us to deliver high levels of power, enhanced safety, dependability and optimum supporting for multi-core CPUs and allows us to efficiently handle a number of concurrent requests. It' also the first program to provide unparalleled protection and encoding capabilities with live-sodium expansion. PHP 7 or higher with OPcache is suggested for best WordPress experience.

1&1 Managed WP Packs mean you never have to bother about disk capacity or traffic again. The 1&1 Managed WP Packs allow you to build (based on the domain (s) contained in the package) an infinite number of email accounts (2 GB of disk per account) for you and your people.

Shared hosting plans allow multiple concurrent web site sharing across a shared web site resulting in a limited amount of available memory due to concurrent web loading time. The 1&1 Managed WP has the available function of up to 2 GB of memory guarantees, so you can achieve excellent results.

Recover and recover your Managed WordPress file and give your users confidence and complete command over their work. With our web host ing-packages you can tailor your website to your needs. Windows® web host plans contain the latest ASP releases. "and we will always give 100% for your web project!

1&1 Hosted Package is designed with power, uptime, and scalability in mind.

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