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Version 2.1.2 fixes this problem; a message published at that time advised all users to update immediately. Stage 2: Add code snippets to headers, footers, and post injections.

custom functions

This version focuses enormously on what we think is the essence of blogs - the write surface. It' probably also a good suggestion to disable your plug-ins and enable them individually after the upgrade. Fully revamped frontend - The first thing you see when logging into your blogs is that the frontend has been fully revamped in terms of both aesthetic and ease of use.

Like when you write a message and you can spontaneously create a category, similar to Flickr tags. We are very selective as far as our coding purists are concerned about what kind of HTML is created, and although it is not yet flawless (e.g. interleaved listings can cause problems), 95% of what you do after post-to-post should be saved by using our wizard program in order to get your HTML back.

Just one note: Safari and older Opera releases, both of which are great web browser, don't yet fully understand what WYSIWYG requires, but we think that new releases of these web browser will further enhance their standard functionality, so it's only a question of now. Skippy DB Backups can back up your databases to a single data base and send you an optional copy by e-mail; Akismet is a shared anti-spam system that becomes more intelligent the more users use it.

Have you ever written an article and the text field seemed to be a little small? In-line Upload - We have optimised our online picture, sound and videofile Uploader to match the postingscreen. There' s no need to jump around when you write a story anymore! Click on attachments to get a list of available file types or, if you are in Firefox, click and drag-and-drop them into your WYSIWYGditor.

Mail Previews - Another extension of the mail server, now when you store a message, it shows a real-time previews what the message would look like on your website, with stylesheets and topic and everything that goes with it. Do not publish a contribution anymore just to see if it works. Optimized Imports - We've completely rewritten our imports system to make it much simpler to use (you don't have to process anything anymore), to put it behind authentification, and also to make it simple for new exporters to be added to the system, similar to plug-ins.

We' ve divided the basics into a number of different parts - such as admin, editors, contributors - that make it easy to see what kind of features you're making available to the people who use your blogs. This new system is also fully pluginable, so plug-ins can change role and build groups that have acces to certain things.

Headers Customization - If you're fed up with the standard topic's head color, you can now modify the color and text we've added as a demonstration of some of the new functionality available to topic writers. Enhanced Abstraction - We have removed almost all SQL query directly from the source tree and shifted them into function s/classes that make the whole application more consistently.

A number of additional extras like the easy plug-in feature set as well as the complete plug-in Inline-Uploader are available. Topic Function - Themes can now also contain functionality. Phil files that are now load like a plug-in appended to the topic. Topic previews - You can now insert a screenshots of the topic with the downloaded files, so that your WP user can see a fast overview of what it looks like.

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