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I have been using 22slides for a few years and I have to say that I am very happy with it. Site Builder that helps people create great websites. http://22slides.com. The 22Slides is an online platform that allows photographers and other artists to create personalized websites.

Designed to make adding your domain to your 22Slides portfolio as easy as possible (no technical knowledge required). Latest tweets from 22Slides (@22Slides).

Easy but high-performance web portfolios

It is our only aim to help the customers we have to present their work as well as possible. Our client's words don't exactly describe our relationships with our customers, because we help with everything from website to lenses to Lightroom resets. Simply allocate item pricing and sell them through PayPal.

Serving portable users is more important than ever, so we provide portable, optimised websites to make sure your work is presented in a great way on small displays. Auto-scales your pictures to look good on most retinal equipment. Build secret and/or password-protected pages to easily distribute anything from full resolution photo to proof and zipped file.

All our server are designed for highest image hostability. Pictures are duplicated to over 200 server locations around the globe to ensure websites are loaded quickly no matter where your people are.

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I use 22 slides. Recommended not to have any problem after 2 years of use. I have been using 22slides for a few years and I have to say that I am very happy with it. The 22slides is ideal for those who want to put as little hassle as possible into their website! Every layout is plain and yet stylish.

It' s a great upload picture and if you feel like you' re about to change the look of your website, you can do it with a few simple mouse clicks onto a single icon. My favourite part about the website can be my client support. Personally, I can definitely say that I would forward 22 slides to any friends/professionals looking for a website hosting.

I' d suggest 22 foils whose Site Builder interfaces have a really beautiful flowing with a contemporary look and feel. 22 foils are recommended. It' simple to use, simple to browse and the user-defined coding work well. If I had any issues, their client support was first class and quickly reacted with working solution.

When I used to use the website utility with 2500px after this firm sell out and became another stick imaging shooter with ludicrously high subscription rates, I quit their services and terminated my subscription two years ago and have since used 22 foils. I get good feed backs from my website from my friends and it's quite simple to setup and use.

It' great if you want a basic photo website. Because I use 23slide and I am very lucky. It' very easy to adjust it in your config panel, bearing in mind that I have no web coding skills. We used 22 Slides, but relocated to Zenfolio. 22Slides was too limited, so I wouldn't use it.

It would be easy to use and their support is fantastic - he always reacts quickly and is very useful. When you are working as a professional digital still camera operator, I suggest using Textpress hand down for usability and durability. I' m using 22 foils. It' a good, easy website for your portfolios.

There is an urgent need to upgrade my website, but 22 makes it really work. It is a low cost and basic website tools. Quite sure it is run by a bloke and he always reacts quickly when I have a issue or query. The 22Slides is a fantastic plattform that I very much suggest, especially if you are just getting started and need a basic plattform to split pictures etc.

We' ve since converted to a Wordpress-based website, but still have our 22slides website, as we haven't completely migrated yet. I' ve been using 22 slides for about 4-5 years! Personal, it suits my needs and is unbelievably simple to adapt. Our services to customers are also unsurpassed.

I' d like to suggest it to others who are looking for a web site for their portfolios. I would repeat it:) It's great and it' s really quite usable. I' d suggest 22Slides. It' quite straightforward to use and looks good. Twenty-two slides is just right for that. It' nice and handy. Loving the neat look, definitely recommending it.

I' d highly suggest 22Slides. I am not too technically versed and the support was surprising and very useful. I' d suggest them to anyone like me. Extremely simple to operate and maintain. However, if you don't care about paying a few additional bucks, I would suggest Squarespace as it has more choices.

I was just a little too busy just to toggle, but I suggest 22 for an easier choice. absolute! I' ve been using 22slides for about four years, and I like it. 100 percent would suggest. Simple to setup, simple to wait and simple to use! Amazing client services. It' very simple to use.

I' ve had it for a few years and wouldn't exchange it for anything else. It's perfect, simple to use, some features and not too expensive. It is unbeatable for a base repository that contains detail in my pictures and for $10 per months!

I' d definitely suggest it. 22Slides I like very much and would highly suggest it. Simple to setup and service. Changed to 22Slides from a default hosting where I created and updated the whole site myself - I wouldn't go back. Personally I like 22 slide website I really enjoy the way it was simple to customise it.

So the only problem I have with the 22slides is that the font cannot be adjusted. It' a great starters website for all creative people, I give it 5 ups. There are 22 films we are very satisfied with and we have 3 sides through them. Yeah, we'd suggest it. Highly recommended. So I tried both 4ormat & 22Slides and I would go with 22Slides.

I' d suggest it. I' ve been using it for about 3 years and it's very simple and looks great. I would strongly suggest it. They are relatively simple to process and inexpensive. I' d strongly suggest it. They are relatively simple to process and inexpensive. It has a very fair price of $10/month and is simple to use, yet has advanced functions.

The 22slides does everything I want and is quite inexpensive in comparison to square space or size or whatever other shooters use nowadays. The only problem is that there is a photolimit that I don't really get for a payed subscription, but it took me over five years to do it.

There were 22 foils I used for at least 4 years and I did very well for that one. So if you are looking for something uncomplicated and uncomplicated, I would suggest 22 transparencies, yes. 22slides is a great website, I think. Initially I made my website when I had no previous experiences with it, and it was incredibly user-friendly and easily customizable.

It is a great starting website for a simple and inexpensive but professionally first website. Very recommendable. Having spent a great deal of my free research and testing on several other platform sites, I came across 22 slides. The 22slides is the only portfolioservice I can suggest. It'?s quite uncomplicated and neat. 22 slides I like - I can refresh them in less than 5 min, in any class, incl. change of pattern style, base colour etc.

Simple, intuitional and inexpensive GUI (10. 00 per month). Recommended 22 foils for web sites. before I found 22 transparencies. By the way, it only took me about $10 a months to update it and it's not hard to include a customized webadress.

Twenty-two slides is beautiful. It' simple to use and they have Reflection server sites around the globe so you can quickly download regional music. Absolutely recommendable. I' d strongly suggest it. I' d recomend it because if you need a quick site installation for a good $10/month prize... they are the place to go. def would recomend it.

Ease of use, perfectly for the photo collection, inexpensive, very good client services. I' d strongly suggest it. I' m not web versed at all and their plattform is really nice to use and just to make them look good. I' m really going to offer print for purchase and will be using their PayPal add-on to get started, I'm quite excited! of course I'm going to use the payment method to get the print I want!

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