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Please click on your grade for activities in class and at home! Homepage - New Info Discover the campsite, find out more about programme choices and more. The Big Info is the biggest programme exhibition and information event in the hospital. Big Info takes place twice a year on the Burnaby Campus and is your opportunity to inform yourself about all our Burnaby programmes in one city. Join lecturers, graduates and recent college graduates who respond to more than 300 study courses - from economics, computer science and healthcare to civil and mechanical engineers and practitioners.

Inform yourself about the range of certificates, diplomas and study programmes as well as full-time and part-time programmes. Kwantlen Polytechnic University's submission date has been amended from November 1 to October 1, giving an additional monthly submission period. Applicants should apply by 1 October to make sure the earlyest possible date for admission to restricted programmes and all general programmes.

Richmond City Council, together with local government partnerships, offers a range of volunteering options for pupils, adult and senior citizens. In order to sign up as an individuals, groups, Richmond Public Library or Emergency Services, please click on the appropriate box below. You can also use the voluntary opportunites quest to find up-to-date voluntary jobs and then sign up as a voluntary once you have found a job.

University of Guelph provides 12 fellowships, each worth US$42,000, and features an assistant professorship and mentoring by one of Guelph's top faculty members. Fellowships are awarded to top performers from around the country for outstanding achievement in academics, innovativeness, community involvement and guidance. Presidential Scholarship x 8, Lincoln Alexander Scholarship x 2, Chancellor Scholarship x 2, Applications directly submitted by candidates on-line.

Deadlines for the Loran Scholarship Program 2018-19: : Unless you are sponsored by your institution, your applications will automaticly be included in the Direktpool. Loran scholarship holders are, however, identified and chosen through both applications baths. It is the premier organisation for the study of authenticity thanks to the Walkway, which supports over 200 organisations with a grant of $3,400,000 to improve authenticity services in Canada.

The ASC is hosting our ASC Fundraising Convention on Sunday, September 30 at the Pacific Autism Center in Richmond, B.C. This program provides attendees with a free fundraising experience, with free lunches, band lunches, and hands-on stands. Provide lessons on school leaving skills and help build a Richmond Junior World!

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