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3D-BASE by Mario Catania. Found 40 Free Base 3D models. Basic 3D models to download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game and VR options.

Manorhouse Workshop Modular Site

The MHW made its first crownfunding experiences on Indiegogo using an advanced void cast process to print on both sides of resins. Our crown-funding expertise has been a great lesson to us from the initial stage of the design, through logistical and supply, to third parties outside MHW.

And all this made us growing and better understanding how to deal with such a complicated learning environment as crown funding. The Indiegogo supplies have not yet been fully completed. The lock, one of the products, posed many problems and made these financiers await shipment.

Fortunately the waiting is over as we have only recently supplied the first castle and more will come. Had we been able to pour the few locks left ourselves, we would have finished the supplies by now, but the innovation in the casting process means that the lock is not produced by MHW, but by another one.

Therefore, we update our Indiegogo bakers on the Indiegogo page every day we get a new lock to ship and maintain day-to-day communication with the manufacturer to complete the last of our shipments as quickly as possible. So there are no unpleasant moments or delay in your work.

Naturally only after you have received all your deposit manager and administered each of them properly.

Create and 3D print your own miniature bases based on your games.

We' ve written about the release of Make: Contributing James Floyd Kelly's Make: Play your way through YouTube at the beginning of the year. Since then Jim has been very occupied and has already made 31 video productions since May, which cover all facets of the building of playgrounds, build table games houses, paint thumbnails and work with the usual (and not so usual) retail tool.

Jim's latest addition to his collection is a 3D movie that shows you how to create your own individual bases for montage of your game tiles and how to create and 3D them. They can buy all kinds of miniature bases, but they are not inexpensive and the choice is restricted. The creation of your own is simple and the skies are the limits of what you can create on them.

As Jim points out, even if you don't have a 3D inkjet you can still build your own bases and have them professionally produced at Shapeways. Once I had watched the tape, my fantasy ran over the different bases I could make for my work. As well as showing you how to use a 3D modelling software to build the basics for later 3D print, the movie is essentially an introductory 3D construction tutorial using the free, browser-based Tinkercad software.

And Jim is also linking to a collection of STLs for a number of free 32mm mini bases available from Fat Dragon Games. Another smart, though much simpler, way to create thumbnail bases that I never would have thought of was this time. He shows his washing technique of customized based in a DM Scotty's Kanal movie in which he shows how to make flares for D&D grounds.

Just stick a flat plate so that it is strong, and then cover the flat plate with heat adhesive and stack it around to make the desired form on the cradle. Allow it to drip, primer, paint as well as apply basic material and you have an individual, lightweight mini or strewn surface.

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