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3-D Man was a 1950s hero created by the unique fusion of the two brothers Hal and Chuck Chandler. A 3D man (or 3D man) is a very old superhero from the 1950s in the Marvel Universe. The founder of this group, Jonathan Tremont, had found one of three fragments of a mysterious object and used it to give Garrett the powers of the 3-D human. You can download 3D models, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, manipulated, game and VR options. Get stunning free images about 3D Man.

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3D Man is the name of two fictitious supers that appear in US comics released by Marvel Comics. First super hero to use the name 3-D Man is a merger of two brother Charles & Hal Chandler, and the second is Delroy Garrett. First 3-D Man was released in Marvel Premiere #35, by Roy Thomas and Jim Craig.

Characters also featured in Incredible Hulk #251-252, Contest of Champions #1 and What If #9. 3D Man didn't reappear for many years until it was re-introduced in Avengers Forever #4 and released in Avengers #50-55 and the Secret Invasion 2008: Chandler's brethren gained their supernatural capabilities by being exposed to unidentified rays during the blast of a Skrull spacecraft.

By focusing on the picture of his elder Chuck printed on his eyeglasses, Hal Chandler could conjure up an overpowering vision of his elder: He had a psychic connection to Hal, who would loose awareness and become combated if the 3-D human were being. 3-D human awareness appears to be a Chuck and Hal's mind sythesis, with Chuck's normally dominating.

Chuck Chandler, as a 3D person, had about three fold the bodily abilities of an extreme body-oriented, but otherwise ordinary man. Like its name says, 3-D Man is three time stronger, faster and more long-lasting than army rider Chuck Chandler. He was an experienced aviator and a gifted soccerer.

"First Class Mail", Wunder Premiere with 3-D Man #36 (Marvel Comics, June 1977). "Wonderful premiere." #251 (Marvel Comics, Sept. 1980). "Fifteen superheroes wonder wants you to forget."

3D man (Chandler) powers, villains, story

3-D Man was a 1950s protagonist of the singular fusion of the two Hal and Chuck Chandler brethren. who was kidnapped by extraterrestrial skrulls during an important test mission. So the Skrulls were looking for information about Earth's spacecraft programme and had taken Chuck prisoner to question him.

and inadvertently caused the Skrull satellite to explode. Whilst his brothers Hal was watching, the rays of the blast seemed to disintegrate Chuck, who vanished in a flash of sunlight. However, Hal later found out that the stroke of sunlight had shaped a picture of Chuck on every lense of Hal's glasses.

By concentrating, Hal was able to bring the pictures together and make Chuck appear again as a three-dimensional man. Known as a 3D man, Chuck became a dressed-up adventure explorer, single-handedly subduing the early Skrulls' efforts to subvert Earth civilisation. Later on, the beam of a skrull changed the transformations so that Hal was the dominating mind of the 3-D human for some while.

The mind of both brethren seemed to be present in the 3-D human at all moments, but only one of them (usually Chuck) would consciously monitor the 3-D human at every opportunity. Following a brief carrer as a dressed-up adventure traveler, Hal chose to send the 3-D man into retirement, in part because he was considering raising a home, in part because he was worried that his brother's awareness might somehow be somehow eroded if Hal was the 3-D man's dominating awareness.

Chuck seemed to be his dominating conscience again during this period as a 3D human. This artefact was a pyramidal piece of broken glass, one of three such pieces of glass made by the cosmos in response to the mere presence of true evil, misled in this plane by the extra-dimensional divinities, the so-called trions.

These splinters were taken prisoner by the skrulls who had kidnapped Chuck Chandler, and his energy had fused with Chuck to create the 3-D human. So Chandler listened to the call of the other splinter and went on an ex-pedition to find him. However, he was revealed by Jonathan Tremont, one of the leaders of the exposure, who took the splinter for himself.

Tremont kept Hal imprisoned by Tremont for many years, and Tremont used the strength of his splinter to found the Triune Understanding. Discovering the real origins of the splinters, Tremont was hoping to use this comprehension to end the menace posed by the Trion's outcast scourge, which he named the "Triple Villains".

" And Tremont was also looking for alternative arms against the Triune. Using the splinter force internalised in Hal Chandler, he unleashed the forces in a new trailer, Delroy Garrett Junior, and created the super-human triathlon champions. The triathlon unwittingly contained the essences of Hal and Chuck.

Eventually, Tremont and the valiant Avengers ( who now had Triathlon among their members) battled against the Triple Evil and the extraterrestrials he had spoiled. Though Tremont felt that he could overpower the might of the Triple Eternal to use it for himself to become one with God, and then reap rewards with rule over the whole earth.

Instead, Triathlon found the third splinter left, and when he combined it with the force embodied in the 3-D human, he took away command of the splinter used by Tremont. By using all three pieces of glass a combination of Triathlon/Hal Chandler/Chuck Chandler was created and could kill the Triple Devil. Using the force of the pyramid, they used the energy of all who had fallen to their attack for thousands of years to strike back, and finally Kang was beaten.

The triathlon went back to Peggy Chandler, separated from Hal and Chuck and brought both back into shape. The triathlon found that his trip was still powerful even though Hal and Chuck no longer had the strength to turn into a 3-D person.

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