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Featuring over 10000 mobile themes. Added support for the next Launcher 3D. World' s first launcher powered by 3D engine redefines Android phones! Prepare yourself for a sweet overload 'coz your favorite animated Qmojis now have their own themes! Embellish your phone and configure a unique design that reflects your personality.

Parallax 3D Wallpaper

This is the latest mobile personalisation application with free 3D background, 4k background, 3D themes and 3D background to customise your mobile phones, tablets or other mobile devices. No need for another launch to completely customise your own environment, this 3D Parallax Background gives you a large selection of high definition and home desktop background for free!

Highlighting of functions available in 3D parallel axis themes: - Giant themed shop, 3D Partallax Live wallpapers offers you many nice mobile 3D themes, wallpapers, background images and widgets, every few weeks professionals are creating great themes for you! - Unbelievable 3D parallel axis effect with Gyroskop and acceleration sensor or Kompass! - Every range of wallpapers and locks is designed to match your machine for the best possible viewing pleasure.

Fast setting of backgrounds from the apple! - Unique - you don't need any other themed launcher, HD desktop artist or web browser to get the most out of this free game! - Simple to adjust, combine and shuffle user-defined startup or lockout screens - now it's simple to turn your dull old subject into a new perfectly designed living backdrop with stunning 3D effect for your startup and lockout screens.

  • Totally free - watch 3D animations that are classy and decorate your screen:

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Embellish your mobile handset and create a design that mirrors your personal style. Go to """"Topics", choose a topic, then tap "". Tap "" to combine and customize locking panel method, background images, application symbols, and more. Make your favourite picture or picture the background for your mobile device. Go to """"Settings" and choose "Show".

Tap "Wallpaper" and then tap "Lock wallpaper" or "Wallpaper". Configure the background picture ? From the Background or Alive Background tab, choose an icon, then followed the prompts on the monitor to make it your background. It is also possible to open """Gallery", tap and hold a picture, and then tap " > Preferences > Background Image".

Use the on-screen prompts to select the picture as the background picture. Shaking your mobile shakes to modify the wallpaper: Background picture changes every times you use your mobile handset. The background picture on your mobile changes at the specified intervals.

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