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3D models to download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, manipulated, game and VR options. Shop 2771 3D models for download in any file format, including FBX, OBJ, MAX, 3DS, C4D. Found 15 free 3D-models in our shop. . 3ds .

max.ma and many other formats. Provides model making accessories and custom services such as laser cutting, photo etching, 3D printing as well as industrial orders, events, guided tours and more.

Excellent places for the online sale of your 3D models

The simplest and most affordable way to earn cash as a 3D modeller is to sell 3D share based modelling through an on-line trading platform. When you are looking for a move into freelancing, this can be a great way to begin developing a customer base, and the way the work is done means you will be learning a great deal about how to create an on-line business, promote yourself, and use your relationships to be known.

If you are more interested in creating a real estate investment even if you are more interested in creating a real estate investment you can still advertise for Studiojobs, the successful sale of 3D shares will show prospective employees that you have the capability to do high value work with high effectiveness. As with anything else that' s profitable to do, it does take a great deal of patience and hard work to generate a constant flow of revenue from the sale of equity products on-line, but the benefit is that once you have set up a business the revenue is relatively inactive.

While there are many things that can help you be successful as a 3D marketer, before we do anything else let's take a look at the nine best places to market your model designs on-line. Is it really the best place to buy your model? So if you are somehow able to stand out from the crowd, Turbosquid's solid user base provides a tremendous advantage, but don't look forward to uploading your model and watching the dollar flow in.

License rate: Artists receive (measly) 40 per cent, although their guest programme provides up to 80 per cent instalments in return for exclusive status. Without the development of on-demand 3D print utilities such as Shapeways, this would be a much smaller number. The Shapeways (and similar websites) have opened up a whole new business opportunity that allows model makers to load their work and resell 3D model physics via a 3D print production workflow.

3D offers the possibility to use a wide range of materials, making it a highly flexible and appealing choice for jewellery, decoration articles and small figures. Although the concept of physical expression of a physical model may seem like sci-fi when first heard about, the technology has come and could potentially revolutionise the way we think about production as printer technology evolves.

Remember, if you want to market your model as a 3D printed product, there are extra steps/conversions that must be performed to make a model "ready to use. "License rate: The 3D model includes incredibly granular computer artwork, 3D and enhanced real-world game modeling, and printed artwork that ranges from jewellery and thumbnails to technical parts.

Designer can decide whether to resell, send to a 3D printing device or print an article and send it via Sculpteo. License rate: The license fee will vary between 70 and 90 per cent according to where you drop in the stages. Its advantage is that DAZ is a market place directed at those who need to make CG, but usually do not know how to model, which increases the likelihood that they will buy their asset.

License rate: Performers receive 50 per cent on non-exclusive sells, up to 65 per cent with exclusively. They have high standard of workmanship and a huge number of users, but relatively low license fees mean that there are better possibilities for 3D performers using Maya, Max and Lightwave modelling packs. Renderosity has, however, successfully established itself as the premier market place for Daz Studio and Poser games, so you should settle here (in additon to Daz 3D) if that's your thing.

License rate: Artists receive 50 per cent on non-exclusive sells, up to 70 per cent with exclusively. Envato is quite sound selling point, so it's a good idea to consider using 3-D Ocean to complement what you're doing in one of the major markets, but definitely don't count on it as your main business - the non-exclusive license pricing is insulting.

License rate: Artists receive 33 per cent on non-exclusive sale, 50-70 per cent with exclusion. Your non-exclusive license price is competitively priced with the 3D Studio market leading. License rate: Artists receive 60 per cent for non-exclusive sale, up to 70 per cent with exclusion. A further possible problem is that over the last ten years Highend has always been the right place for free 3D-modells.

Suppose most of CreativeCrash's data transfer was taken over by Highend3D, it might be a little more difficult to make a sale if the user base is used to getting things for free. License rate: Percentage of the non-exclusive sale is paid to the performer at 55 per cent. Sculpteo has a similar model to Shapeways, although it has not attracted so much media in the United States, and despite some drawbacks it is certainly deserving of a look.

The Sculpteo has fewer choice of materials and colors, and the same model tends to be more costly to produce than Shapeways. However, the market place is also less overcrowded, so you may have more chances to succeed in selling. When you want to market your model as a printed product, we recommend that you look around on both sides to see which one you like most.

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