3d Ocean Video

Ocean 3d Video

story line A glimpse under water of the various coastlines of South Australia, New Guinea and the Indo-Pacific and the effects of climate change on the ocean. 3-D digitally exploring the ocean's deepest layers and those of its critters. The Alvin, a mechanised deep-sea sensor, travels about 12,000 ft under water to discover the Azores, a continually breaking fault between Europe and North America.

The Wild Ocean is an exciting cinema event that captures one of nature's greatest migratory events through the magical power of IMAX. Immerse yourself in an aquatic rush among porpoises of porpoises, cetaceans, boobies, seal and millions of millions of fish. Shot off the Wild Coast of South Africa, Wild Ocean is a contemporary documental that commemorates the wildlife that now depends on our survival and the effort of the locals to conserve this valuable environmental asset.

On the Wild Coast, where Africa encounters the ocean, hopes live.

story line

It is important to take your moments to unwind, charge your battery, unwind and perhaps have a little self-pleasure, indulge in the marine environment and live the exalted pleasures that the combined effects of nature and fine tunes can bring: this is a unique trip that calms the spirit and calms the spirit.

Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas.

My idea is that this much gets wasted, from the 3D performance of 3D lMAX to my 60 foot 3D screen, and it's 40 minutes runtime, which is finite as to how deeply it can go. However, it was still fun - a successful documental film about the ferocious rush of nourishment that reigns most of the years on the east shore of South Africa, when huge Clouds of hundred of millions of pilchards congregate in quest of nourishment and again bring every conceivable kind of carnivore to eat: beasts, porpoises, rays of water, waterfowl, seals and - of course - humans.

People have been fishing this phenomenon so hard that the number of pilchards has decreased in recent years, and at the same rate ocean temperature changes have begun to alter the geographic migratory pattern of pilchards. However, probably because IMAX has to address both young children and grown-ups, there is not the kind of deepness of specialized science that you might find in one of these BBC/David Attenborough documents on the same topic.

Attractive but probably even more so in its pristine living environment, a 60 feet IMAX display.

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