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Pneumatic and Hydraulic Seals, Hydraulic Seals & Piston Seals Manufacturer offered by 3D Seals Private Limited of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The Plug & Seal Connectors are pipe sections that are rubberized on their outer surfaces with two sealing beads and shock absorbers.

Sealing technologies from Freudenberg - Plug & Seal

The Plug & Seal connector is a tube piece that is rubber coated on the outside with two gasket corrugations and dampers. Their purpose is to provide a sealed, permanent joint between enclosures, tubes and subassemblies for the dependable transportation of liquids. The Freudenberg Siealing Technologies division has designed Plug & Seal fittings to provide a sealed joint between two enclosures, tubes and subassemblies - for the dependable transportation of liquids such as oils, liquids or gases.

In addition to the basic version, rubberised tube segments with two seal bulges and shocks with inner/outer seal, extra features and individual solutions are available. Plug & Seal connector offers many benefits. Their primary advantage is that they can substitute other imperfect parts - among them ductile metal tubes with worked slots, aluminium flanges with two assembled O-rings, tubing with tube clips and gaskets with gaskets with flat faces and O-rings.

There is one very important factor in practice: whether the assembly of gaskets and gaskets and components is simple, reliable and effective. Plug & Seal plug and socket connector can achieve these goals: - A chain of interconnected Plug & Seal gaskets can be established in order to further automatize the process of installing Plug & Seal gaskets several times (see illustration).

State-of-the-art motors would be inconceivable without Plug & Seal and Plug & Tube Seal plug connections from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. When selecting its sales partner, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies takes the same consistent approach to seal integrity.


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