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Real-time 3D systems (DDD) stock price, stock price development, stock price development, news & analysis. There are 185 stock 3D models available for download in any file format, including FBX, OBJ, MAX, 3DS, C4D. Download 3D floor models, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, manipulated, game and VR options. 3D Systems Corporation's real-time trading and investment ideas DDD from the largest community of traders and investors.

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Real-time rate 4 October 2018 16:02 Extended opening hours: Via its subsidiary companies, the company engages in the development, production, marketing and maintenance of Rapida 3-D presses, prototyping and production equipment as well as related goods and consumables. At the moment David and Tom have just told us what they think are the ten best shares to buy for the investor.... and 3D System was not there!

That' right - they think these 10 shares are even better buy. Real-time rate 4 October 2018 16:02 Extended opening hours: Via its subsidiary companies, the company engages in the development, production, marketing and maintenance of Rapida 3-D presses, Prototyping and production lines as well as related goods and consumables.

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Why you should buy 3D Systems (DDD) shares for 4 good reason

The Wall Street applauded the results of 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) better than anticipated in the second quater and let the DDD shares rise significantly. However, the best is yet to come for the business and the DDD stock - 3D Systems is winning footsteps in several giant industries and the sharp increase in printers' revenues promises very good prospects for future results.

Also, the new presses, which seem to be a huge profit maker for the 3D printing industry, should help 3D Systems and its inventory. After all, the business is experiencing enormous Asian expansion and this should remain a strong driver for some considerable further development. Sales of 3D Systems to health care service companies, which account for 35% of total sales, increased by 26% over the previous year.

It is well known that the US invests enormous amounts of natural wealth in its health care system, and other nations invest a significant portion of their gross domestic product in health care. In addition, many health care devices, such as surgery equipment and dentistry equipment, must meet the requirements exactly. Writing in a column early this week that focused on my colleague at 3D Systems, Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS), I've felt for many years that 3D print will be the most widely used by producers of manufactured goods consisting of many intricate parts, all of which need to be accurately manufactured.

" In view of the health market's features and the industry successes of 3D System so far, it looks as if sales in the health care industry will increase significantly in the future as well, giving the DDD share an added catalytic converter. And, as I mentioned in another earlier article, the army is another industry that will probably strengthen 3D and its colleagues.

3D Systems, as I noted in this article, placed an order in May for the manufacture of "high precision parts" for naval vessels, giving it a large place in the Pentagon and with US defense companies. In addition, given the improvement that the firm has achieved in its on-demand production operations and the enormous amount of cash that car and aircraft makers around the world have, the unit's revenue may well increase dramatically in the future.

After all, many vendors who buy 3D system prototype products may ultimately choose to buy 3D printing from them. Talking about 3D printing purchases: The 41% increase in printing revenues in the last three months certainly promises very good prospects for the future DDD and DDD shares. Results for the firm using the shaver and sword franchise should increase sharply as the companies that purchased the print shop buy 3D Systems supplies for them.

For 3D systems and DDD stocks, too, the very powerful references of the new Printers they develop are very well suited. 3D Systems began delivery of the NextDent 5100 digital printing system in the last three months, which, according to the firm, is four-fold faster than the competitor and cuts the amount of production required for tooth replacement by 70% to 80%.

3-D System also announced that its new Figure 4 press, which has also recently started delivery and is targeting several core market segments, "offers lower TCO and part turnaround in comparison to similar presses. "In addition, the press can "reduce mold cycles by over 40%, offer 20% plus costs reductions, and raise output by 30% in comparison to conventional manufacturing," said 3D System.

In conclusion, the Zumtobel Group announced that it had been receiving "excellent feedback" from clients and business professionals about its new low-cost desktopside 3D printing solution, the FabPro 1000, which also began delivery in the last three months. According to DDD, the new presses did not make a significant contribution to the company's sales in the past three months, so that the probably sharp increase in sales and earnings from these new presses has not yet been made.

3-D Systems anticipates that sales of these new items will increase gradually in the second half of the year before becoming "significant" in 2019. Eventually, sales of 3D Systems from Asia increased by 38% YOY. 3-D Systems said that Asia began to imitate best practice in other areas and had made a management transition in Japan.

It is likely that Asia's continued vigorous expansion will be sustained, as these changes will further enhance the Company's results there. 3-D Systems looks very well placed in three large, profitable industries and its new product lines seem to give the firm a decisive edge in the future. After all, the company's Asian operations are growing strongly and should do so in the future.

Those strongly positve catalysers will significantly increase the results of 3D Systems and the DDD stocks in the mid- and long-term. Therefore, traders should buy DDD stocks at the present level. At the time of this letter, Larry Ramer held DDD and SSYS stock.

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