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Wonderful 3D nature landscape photos with abstract images and fractal backgrounds. Together with 3D boxes and models we offer stock photos of 3D text. Upload 3D stock photos, including images from illustration, graphics, rendering, and computers. Stock photos 3d (total result: 3,166,088). Locate the 3D images you are looking for.

3-D Content for Graphic Designers & Photoshop

Browse our expanding catalogue to find the item you want, rotate it to get the exact angles, and then immediately upload it as a PNG with a fully translucent wallpaper or as a stratified PSD image. Starter Plan is great for those who need a fistful of items from time to time or want to try out items with watermarks, while Monats- und Jahresplan is great for those who want continuous, unrestricted acces to the full catalogue.

Furthermore you can directly from the catalogue directly load down our properties with watermarks.

The PixelSquid uses 3D model to produce "perfect" stock images.

The PixelSquid is the latest addition to TurboSquid, a 3D model marketing platform that can be bought by anyone who creates 3D videogames or CG films. With this new offering, the stock photography industry will be disrupted by allowing consumers to search through 3D fotorealistic model images of a wide range of articles and modify them in their browsers to get the right angles for their stock photography needs.

As soon as the users have created the flawless recording, they can go and get a multi-layer PSD that gives them full command of lights, reflections, and a whole bunch of other features that I barely get since I'm not a graphics artist, so I just put them down below. Before PixelSquid, those of us who needed an archive photograph of e.g. an Apple Watch, either fetch it from Apple or go to iStock and hopefully their photographs will fit our needs.

At iStock, if you need a stock photograph of an anonym whitey with an Apple clock, then damn it, yes, your needs will be catered for! Of course, that's all you need is a shallow picture that would burst even the most powerful Photoshop users lessons into planes if you had to tamper with that picture beyond just using plain filtering or sizing.

But I have difficulty understanding how these designs are constructed so that any possible angles can be export as multi-layered PSDs and decomposed according to each individual piece of 3D element content, not to speak of these "flat" images that still allow the viewer to add enhanced light effect in Photofox.

The Pixel Squid is not really magical, it has just been developed by a phenomenal crew that responds to the need for high quality stock images and probably creates a completely new kind of stock exchange. Although I may not be the right audience for PixelSquid, I can tell you that the PixeSquid surface is easy enough for even a non-designer like me to find the right stockshot.

It' also a great pleasure to rig the 3D model, and since I'm an Apple guy, I've chosen some of the best 3D model from Apple stuff on PixelSquid and converted them to motion graphicsifs, because they're great and they don't exists anywhere else.

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