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Added support for the next Launcher 3D. 3d Ice wolf theme app for the Android description: The Ice Wolf 3d theme is a 3d launcher theme that contains cool tecnologia live wallpapers and a designed icon pack. Best 11 3D Launcher Applications for High Definition And if you find the standard startup program on your Android machine boring, consider one of these applications! More and more individuals are opting to personalise their portable equipment, and customisation is one of the greatest benefits of using an Android smart phone or tray. No one has to adhere to the standard startup programs, although many of us have forgotten to consider an alternate.

So if you want to get a little bit excited about things with a new look for your Android skins, you should take full use of the versatility of the Android experience. When this is your case, read our listing of the best 3D launchers and home display applications for Android.

Android launches offer 3D interactions, themes, animation, surfaces and Widgets, and some of them have visuals and powerful graphics that really make things look great on your home monitor. When you turn up your launch button, your machine may even start feeling completely new again.

Below are some customized launchers available from the Google Play Store that should fit every taste, so take a look: What are the best 3D home screens? It is a favorite customization application with a new 3D interface and clear 3D animation that allows the user to adjust various items of the home page.

Featuring more than 10 unique 3D Widget options, such as Clock, Music, Gallery, Weather, and Messaging, it includes free third-party designs, soft motion controls, home desktop background selection, and an infinite dockbar for changing symbols and files. Other advantages include a useful 3D main display switch modes that support over 10 stand-alone main display layouts, fast user-defined key combinations via the TSF-Launcher switch menus, an image editor and TSF setup menus, and gestural controls for key combinations such as telephone conversations, application start, and more.

There' a lot for a free application and it also gets periodic upgrades with new functions and new Widgets. Cheetah Mobile's CM Launcher is safe and sound, with a 4.6/5 star player score on the playlist. It' re an application full of great things, and as the cover line says, it has free background images and 3D themes, as well as broadgets and symbol packages, so you can create your own preferences for the interface on your machine.

It' s really intuitive and supported by an enhanced 3D motion machine with breathtaking visuals, so it offers some very nice motion and audio and great 3D transitions. The CM Launcher 3D makes it easier to organize and change your files and applications, and the launch is small, so fast and energy saving.

It' s noteworthy that at the moment of typing, programmers are also looking for tester to try the new functions for free! There' a lot to be enjoyed in the free edition even though it contains advertisements, or you can choose to upgrad to the paying trial edition to get rid of the advertisements and adding more functionality.

Designed by launchers 3D Pro, this application will please those who appreciate breathtaking graphics and an immersive user interface, and the themes have been download more than 800,000x. Hovering start screen application icons are a treat, and no matter what you look like, you'll see different kinds of effect. When you tap the screen of your machine, flip-out symbol effect is triggered, or full colour effect is displayed when you long push the application symbol.

Featuring gravitational sensors, the application also incorporates a 3D wheather widget, 3D motion control software, 360-degree rotations, real-time backgrounds, various themes such as Flaming Skull 3D, Lightning Tech and Solar Galaxy 3D, and much more. It is an incredibly rich and flowing application that adds beautiful 3D visualizations to your surface designs and is the number one 3D launch application for Android in more than 50 different nationalities.

Next Launcher Home Screens Really Earn A Place In Our Best 3D Launcher and Home Screens Application Lists, The Next Launcher Home Screens Comp Option is At The Top Of Our Choices. It' s loaded with breathtaking 3D features and fast-paced visuals, customisation tools, themes, real-time backgrounds, 3D next panel with lots of 3D contents, nine 3D Widgets and more, endless 3D features and the new 3.0 user interface.

And there are some premier functions available for in-app purchase, such as float modes, symbol editors, start grid and apple tray actions, topic blend modes, edge effect and more. As an alternative you can choose the high-quality Next Launcher 3D Shell Pro edition, although it is not inexpensive. Formerly it was known as U Launcher, and we like the clear and neat UI and the fact that it's completely free even though there are advertisements.

Featuring a huge amount of free designs, with symbol packages, high-definition backgrounds, transitions, 3D slideshows, intelligent files, widgets and links, it will really enliven the home page of your machine. Among the utilities is a Speedbooster that preserves your batteries and frees up storage and fast searching, and the application has just been upgraded to provide more functionality and enhancements.

This is a beautiful, lightweight, small and easy launch, as the name implies, although it still has a lot to do, with fluid 3D visuals and specials. It is highly scalable, and functions includes symbol scale and alignment changes, standard value changes and custom scrollable, and allows the user to build endless pages by drag and drop symbols.

Or you can make a small payment for upgrading to the LightLaunch Unlocker application with Symbol Pak functionality. It is another easy and lightweight application and we have to say that it has a finite number of transitional, motion and wallpaper features. It does, however, have a user-friendly surface with gestures assistance, great 3D effect, page changing effect such as ripples, fabric and folders, many themes to select from and a multi-grid display that lets you find your applications quickly and easily.

The pages are arranged by category, and the functions feature a 3D page manipulation flexibility. When you are looking for something with vibrant colours and effect, this application is definitely something to visit. Featuring advanced 3D launch motion technologies with 3D interactivity controls, it includes application protections via a dedicated file, tailored recommendation options according to your preference, user-defined symbols, 3D image navigator and transitions, display locking, and symbol packages.

However, the highlights are the 3D interactive wallpaper and the 360-degree rotations of the 3D interactive wallpaper with gravitational sensors. Android' MXHome Introducer is a beautiful 3D type launch application for Android that focuses on 3D effect with 3D G-sensor motion. There is a wide range of sounds and graphs, fast tasks as well as application handling, icons like rebound and rotate, different iconsizes, a door ledge and door ledge widgets with music and weather.

Another neat Touch is a plane that travels across your monitor, and we let you figure out what happens when it does. Completely 3D-dimensional, this launch tool is simple to use and a long push on the home page leads you to application preferences, backgrounds and broads.

Support gestural controls so that browsing a 3D application symbol in any desired orientation rotates the applications in the 3D screen, or you can press to enlarge or reduce in the 3D screen. Functions included built-in wizards, 3D transitions, custom 3D forms, and the option to fade out undesirable applications or place links anywhere or in generated files.

As with many free applications, however, it contains a variety of advertisements. Choosing from the best 3D launchers and home display applications for Android, this collection has something for everyone. Changing the atmosphere of your machine is possible by using one of these applications, with a wealth of 3D and animated visuals.

For example, some help you organise your applications, while others offer gestures or a variety of themes. Neither of these applications requires the use of 3D goggles or a 3D smart phone, so why not give things a little jolt and give your Android smart phone or tray a whole new look and feel? How about a few more 3D goggles or a 3D smart phone?

Tell us what your favourite is by submitting a comments or perhaps your suggestion for a 3D launch that is not in our top selection.

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