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The 3dtotal.com is a leading website with inspiring gallery images, tutorials, artist interviews and industry news for CG artists. Weapons is the answer of 3dtotal to the question: Latest tweets from 3dtotal.com (@3dtotal). The 3dtotal website offers inspiring and educational resources for artists, both through its CG Artists website and through its wide range of art books.

The GRAPHITE 7 magazine from 3DTotal.

GAPHITE is a quaterly book with inspiring graphics, interview and interactive drawings, sketches and illustrations.

GAPHITE is a quaterly book with inspiring graphics, interview and interactive drawings, sketches and illustrations. Edition 07 contains a covers.... Weapons & Mechs is 3dtotal's response to the question: Scenery is the 3dtotal response to the question: Sketch Workshop - Future Concepts is 3dtotal's response to the question: "Why can't I paint such future fiction?

3dtotal's response to the question: "Why can't I paint like phantasy figures? GAPHITE is a quaterly book with inspiring graphics, interview and interactive drawings, sketches and illustrations. Edition 06 contains a covers.... Figure Design Qarterly 03 is full of inspirations for painters, entertainers, illustrators and figureheads.

The 03 edition is extraordinary.... GAPHITE is a quaterly book with inspiring graphics, interview and interactive drawings, sketches and illustrations. Edition 05 contains an interactive..... Characters Design Quararterly 02 is full of inspirations for artist, animator, illustrator and lover ofcharacters. Comes with a detailled tutorial.....

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You' ll be spending most of your working hours in this schedule, receiving immediate fixes on what's important to you. If you see a tweet you like, touch the center - it lets the character who has written it know that you divided the passion. And the quickest way to split someone else's tweet with your supporters is with a retweet.

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new SIX reference numbers! by 3DTotal Games website

At the end of the season, if you came across this page and are interested in receiving one or more of the anatomical figurines, or maybe just want to find out how it's going, visit the 3dtotal website or our Facebook page for updated information. Or, if you would rather talk to one of our staff in private, please send Melanie an e-mail to and she will include you in a mailing list when these new sculptures go on the market.

All donors will be delivered before the sculptures are approved for release in the next year's edition of the 3D Total Catalog. Genuine Halfskin/Halfdecorché Men's and Women's Figurines are now available in our online store! Many financiers have asked us for a feminine plane model - so we rushed to build our prototypes of this little woman to deliver her to you.....

It has the same hight (265 mm minus the base) as our initial feminine half hide, half corché. She will be a great partner for the masculine Planarian sculpture, or to follow the initial feminine half and half time. We welcome you for those who want the full range of masculine and feminine credentials!

Again modeled by our Anatomist Dan Crossland, the feminine plane surface is perfectly suited to represent the human form in its most simple form - and wonderfully suited for studying shadows and lights! This will also help artist who are looking for a better grasp of the shape and volume that make up the feminine character.

So if you have already supported and want to include the female planar in your deposit, just raise your deposit to adjust the number of sculptures you want. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot process the deposit option on the page as they have all been saved, but be sure that you can choose the female level if you support ANY of the 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 deposit option.

At the end of the research, in the baker poll, select the version you want to use. Blur Studio's Dan Crossland and Alessandro Baldasseroni take 3dtotal's anatomic references to the next step! We present a new range of anatomic figurines for artist who offer masculine body sculptures in a full-surface design - created according to multiple wishes!

  • including new full noodle and full ecorché editions. We' ll also show you how to make compelling bio-suits for masculine personalities that match the perfect shape of people! With the introduction of our feminine anatomic figurine we have been working intensively on new and exiting designs to extend our ever-growing selection of sculptures.

We' ve conducted polls on our own thoughts, presented prototype previous designs at SIGGRAPH 2014, and eventually committed ourselves to the amazing new sculptures you'll see on this page: Demand for 3D plans of our sculptures was overwhelming, and after introducing an early masculine plans created by our animation teacher Dan Crossland at SIGGRAPH 2014, we realized that this had to be one of our next plans!

Ideal for visualizers who want to visualize the simple form of the physical person, the plane view is ideal for studying shadows and lights, as well as for 3D designers seeking a better grasp of the form and volume that builds the physical person. In response to many requests, we have also added a female planetarium to the work!

Gray resins are specially selected to give the best sound for shadowing and detailing under different lighting conditions, and we allow our sculptures to harden slightly longer than usual to diminish undesirable shine. At the same time, we wanted to offer you a full version of the sculptures in full décor and full décor, because sometimes it simply makes it easier to see the whole of your whole physique from all points of view, with your entire complexion, or to examine all the lower lying muscle.

Arriving at 3dtotal headquarters with the first castings of our masculine anatomic figurine, we often joke about wearing our anatomic figurines - competing for the stupidest cap or the most laughable trousers! Then, one of these days, it struck us: we should definitely find a great performer to make a bio-suit for our man-man!

Aim of the bike suite is to show how to make a persuasive armor that matches the perfect shape of the body. Alessandro's job was to develop a bike suite that would show exactly how it would fit the masculine shape and still allow the user to battle like a champion. This half-and-half edition gives you a clear overview of how your body works with your wetsuit, and gives you a sound grasp of how to make your own efficient wetsuit and armor styles.

Because the detail that Alessandro went into is really unbelievable, we couldn't help but build a complete Bio-Suit sculpture! Our aim is for these new sculptures to blend into the anatomic figure range that we have already designed, so that they are again 11 inch (27.5 cm) in diameter, minus the basis, which makes them an ideally sized to see the detail of the individual's body and yet keep it accessible.

Ladies' level is scaled, so she's 26. 5 cm high, so that their proportion corresponds to the masculine version. We' re using a new system for these 6 new sculptures to improve the image size and cut the stitching on the sides! Just select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 on the right and we'll deliver free to the UK and USA - for the remainder of the globe it's only 6 per one!

After financing the projects, you can choose exactly the version you need in the backer poll. To purchase one of our current masculine and/or feminine half hide and half ecorché figurines, just put 60 pounds each on your promise. Please note: The feminine is 5% shortened to keep it relative to the masculine!

Outside the UK, only £6 per character will be charged for postage. After shipment, all donors are given a trackingnumber for their packages. The 5 sculptures will be sent this year from our foundry in China. When you order add-on images, they are sent (free of charge!) from the headquarters of 3D-Total and sent by post.

Our goal is to deliver all our sculptures and awards by March 2015. It' hard to specify an end date for shipment as this depends on the number of donors, but we will try to send the reward to those who promised the highest amount first as a reward for being so fantastic.

As far as the manufacture of these sculptures is concerned, we are very confident that we can obtain results with which you will be satisfied. Certainly, we have learnt a great deal during the creation of our first anatomic masculine and feminine references. For those of you who have supported our masculine sculpture, we may recall that we chose to upgrade the styling of our models to enhance the proportion and detail, which unfortunately gave us a considerable amount of latency (thanks to all our masculine figurine collectors - you have been very patience with us!).

But the great thing is that with all this invaluable knowledge, we've been able to keep everything on track with our woman figurine, who fortunately didn't need any changes to her designs the second theater. We are now very fortunate to have a trouble-free line in operation, so our timetable is much more predictable than our first few days in the anatomical figures game!

Since our sculptures are poured in small amounts by manual pouring, we must point out that this means that very high amounts of sculptures can and will be produced longer. If our financiers achieve very high figures, we may experience a lag in manufacturing, packing and delivery time, but we will act quickly to determine the number of financiers as early as possible and keep our foundry up to date so that they know what to look forward to when the venture (hopefully!) is funded.

That should help us prevent long delay and make you all feel lucky. Our favourite Sketch Workshop Projekt is'Thert of Loic Zimmermann' and of course our feminine anatomic figurine ref. Primeval wars, the masculine anatomical figurine, e338: All of the artists, Thert of Loic Zimmermann, Sketch Workshop and most recently the feminine anatomic references were realized with very satisfied donors.

We are currently producing and will send it to the donors shortly!

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