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Top, new and popular wallpapers for Apple iPhone 5S. To update your older iPhone 5S iPhone 7 unit to the latest version of your old version of iPhone 7 iPhone 5S may be the most beloved Apple mobile yet, but I'm still swinging my iPhone 4. But I wouldn't care to make my ageing iPhone look more like the latest and best, and it can be done by modifying the design on an iPhone 4 to fit the 5S colour scheme.

When you have a 4, 4S, 5 or even a 5S iPhone that' re ready to go, you can get the design that's right for you to combine the three iPhone 5S colours. It' Anode and gives your home monitor a new Space Gray, Gold or Silber look. When you want a clear design that fits your 5S with over 160 capped application icon support, Anode has been designed for you.

Best of all, unlike many of the more cool Cydia topics, this one is free. Like with most theme boards you need WinterBoard on your jumpbroken iPhone to be able to install Anode' s theming. Go to Cydia, then go to Manager -> Resources -> Edit section -> Add -> Add, next append the following email after the " http:// ":

As soon as you have typed the repos in Cydia, the topics should be added to your WinterBoard now. The anode can be checked in Cydia's search area to see if there is a tick next to it. Otherwise, please reinstall Anode like any other Cydia application.

Select in WinterBoard which of the three topics you want to try and then select Restpring your devic. Below you can see what they all look like on my iPhone 4. First is Space Grey, then Silver and finally Gold. As my iPhone 4 is monochrome, I think the Space Grey design looks best.

Be sure to play around with the wallpapers if you want to get more popping out of the brighter topics.

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