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The 7photos.net website is relatively unfrequented, according to Alexa, who gave it a bad rank. Give - Plan Retreat - Team 1 - Team 2 - Team 3 - Team 4 - Team 5 - Team 6 - Team 7 - Team 8 - Team 9 - Team 10 - Team 11 - Team 12 - Team 13.

Found on most weekend circuits, Jon shows pictures of bikers, cyclists and hottest automobiles.

So if you are looking for a great photo for yourself, a boyfriend or a group, get in touch with Jon today to plan a meeting in person or just chase him...he's out there somewhere (write him a message before you leave and he'll tell you where he is and what he'll do).

Make sure you review Victory Jon's photo stream to see if any photos already exist - click the "Get Your Photos" button above to browse for your thumbnails. Receiving your photos is simple..... To find your photos, click on the "Show your photos" button above and click on the appropriate button. Are you interested in ultra high resolution pictures - over 36 megapixels and/or user -defined ghosting/panoramic pictures, you have to buy the pictures by first sending me an email with the picture numbers and I will make you an offer.

Make a note of the picture numbers and data. Call 818.426 for assistance if you cannot find your thumbnails. Once I have received your order, I will check the high-resolution pictures before I send you an offer for the photos and offer you considerable savings when ordering multi-part pictures. A good one.... You will get the high-resolution digital picture data - full frames are 7360 pixel wide and at 300dpi.

Pictures are large enough to fit posters or bigger without losing detail or definition. One of the benefits of using your picture file over printing is that it can be used with many computer and web browsing programs. You can''t flex, wrinkle, burn oder pale like printing and you can have them reprinted over and over again, in any desired format.

Myspace and Facebook are just a few of the many online sites where these pictures will look fantastic. Also I use a website that allows you to order print and/or merchandising so just let me know and I will make it possible..... I will store all my pictures on my back-up drive for an unlimited period of time, so I will substitute them free of cost in case of loss or corruption of your bought picture data.

My primary concerns are customer service and satisfaction - as well as the photo qualitiy.

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