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e-business: e-commerce in the purchase and sale of goods. Technological practitioners need to realise that a large part of the free enterprise sector is handled via electronics. General access to online shopping for games, clothes, automobiles, groceries, etc. has become an everyday occurrence for many people. In a new e-business environment, there is a need for learners to be able to be effective consumers .

Digitale Kommunikation: electronical information interchange. A major change within the current state of the art of technology is the capacity of a human being to interact with other human beings. Communicative methods were finite in the nineteenth centuries. Communications have skyrocketed in the 21 st centuries and provide a multitude of possibilities (e.g. e-mail, mobile telephones, IM).

Growing opportunities for electronic communications have transformed everything because humans are able to stay in continuous contact with everyone else. Unfortunately, many consumers have not been educated in so many different ways of communicating digitally as to make appropriate choices. Digitale Kompetenz: Educational processes of instruction and training about technologies and the use of them.

Whilst there has been great advancement in the field of technological information in education, much still needs to be done. Students need to be trained how to study in a democratic world. To put it another way, the learner must be trained to study everything, at any time and anywhere. The economy, armed forces and medical science are outstanding instances of how different technologies are being used in different ways in the twenty-first and twenty-first centuries.

The emergence of new enabling technologies requires learner to understand how to use them quickly and adequately. Digitale Etikette: rules of behaviour or procedures for electronics. If we see it, we recognise inadequate behaviour, but before humans use it, they do not acquire knowledge of what it means to be a digitally labelled person (i.e. many humans don't like to talk to others about their digitally labelled person).

Frequently, policies and requirements are established or even prohibited in order to prevent improper use. Creating regulation and politics is not enough, we must educate everyone to become accountable digitale citizen in this new community. In the field of computer science, computer science and computer science, computer science is the field of research. Adherence to the principles of good business practice is manifested in compliance with the company's legislation.

User must realize that theft or corruption of the work, identities or properties of other persons on the Internet is a felony. Certain societal regulations must be observed by those who use an ethic community. Digitally owned liberties and obligations: These liberties apply to everyone in a digitised age. Exactly as in the American Constitution, where there is a Bill of Right, there are a number of fundamental laws that are expanded to every digitized person.

Dedicated people have the right to private life, freedom of expression, etc. Fundamental freedoms must be challenged, debated and interpreted in the global age. The responsibility also comes with these privileges. Consumers must have a say in how the technologies are used. But in a democratic societies, these two areas must work together to make everyone work.

Health & Wellness: physically and psychologically wellbeing in a global environment of technologies. Ocular health, repeated stressful conditions and solid ergonomics practice are topics that need to be tackled in a new high-tech age. There is a need to educate the user about the intrinsic risks of the technique. Self-protected security: The use of electronics to ensure security.

Every human race has its own individual who steals, disfigures or disturbs others. This is also the case for the wider European Union. And the same must apply to our future plans for safeguarding our privacy. We, as conscientious citizen, must safeguard our information from external sources that could cause interference or damage. And with the growth of tech in the hands of all, especially your children, families are in need of a new training and new ramps.

Each REP has two aspects: one is focused on the use of enabling technologies by individuals, and the other is the user's own responsibilities to do the same for others (which help the user also concentrate on compassion for others). Principals of esteem, education and protection contain items that help families and kids debate the problems and thoughts that are going on regarding technologies.

Full electronical attendance in the company. It is important for those using technologies to be conscious that not everyone has the same options when it comes to technologies. Digitisation makes it hard to thrive as a growing societal that uses these instruments. Support ing the provision and expansion of accessibility to technologies should be the objective of all digitised people.

Consumers must be aware that there are some who may have restricted accessibility, so other ressources may need to be provided. In order to become prolific citizen, we must work to ensure that no one is refused denial of Internet use.

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