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I'm one of those people. I've been there all my life, it's who I am. And you know what I mean. James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness.

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story line

American Air Force researchers and officers fight off a bloody extraterrestrial body while in a secluded polar fieldpost. A foreign life form uses up everything on its way as it continues to grow and grow. Small towns physician finds out that the populace of his municipality is substituted by unemotional extraterrestrial copies. Spiders escape from an insulated dessert lab that experiments in megalomania and become a huge force, having devastating effects on the people.

Some extraterrestrial arrives and says to the humans on Earth that they must either survive in peace or be devastated as a threat to other worlds. In the Arizona wilderness, a spacecraft from another planet falls, and only an astronomer and a teacher assume extraterrestrial influences when the locals begin to behave weirdly.

One spacecraft crews goes to study the stillness of a planet's Colony, only to find two survivors aboard and a lethal mystery that one of them has. There is a perilous lizard-like creation coming along and it quickly becomes mega. When the first ants are killed with a Thompson Submachine Run, Sergeant Peterson approaches his own corpse and still holds the weapon, which has a locked pin.

Sergeant Peterson later tightens the pin for a dramatical effect, but the Thompson shoots from an open pin. Closing the pin after shooting means that the weapon has no ammo left, so the cock would not work if it wasn't loaded again. : And I thought today would be the end of them. : No. We haven't seen the end of them yet.

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