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Web site is a collection of web pages (documents accessed over the Internet), such as the one you are viewing. A collection of Web pages, images, scripts, videos, and multimedia files hosted on one or more servers visible on the Internet is called a Web site. Who is a website? Web site or site is a place where different web pages are linked together and can be reached by going to the home page of the site with a web-browser. On our homepage you can reach any of the web pages on our website (such as these).

In order to display a website, a webbrowser is necessary (e.g. Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox or Chrome). You can open a website once in a web browser by typing the web site name in the web site location toolbar. When you don't know the website you' re trying to reach, you can use a web searching tool to find it on the web.

Was the first website made when? Tim Berners-Lee designed the first website at CERN and put it on line on 6 August 1991. The first website can be visited and searched at http://info.cern. ch/ . Story of the Internets. Whose inventions were the first? Where is the distinction between a website and a web page?

Website means a single place that contains more than one web page or set of web pages. Sites on the web by who? Every company, every goverment, every organisation or individual can build a website on the web. Today the web is made up of millions of websites that have been built by millions of different individuals.

They can even build a website or blogs on the web. In the section on website type, you can find a listing of the type of website category. How can you do on a website? In most Web sites, you see the information on each Web page, and if there are interesting hypertextlinks, click on them to go to them for more information or to complete a job.

They can also hear tunes, view video, shopping, communicate and much more on many web sites. And what to do if it's boring on the web? Today there are billion of web sites on the web that can be divided into one of the following kinds of web site catagories. Note that it is possible for a website to fit into more than one of the following classifications.

A website can also be a bulletin board, web mail, blogs or a web site for example. A Web site is a Web site that was designed to keep a recording of one or more other Web sites. Archiving on the web is the best example of an archival website. Blogs are web sites that are usually designed by a person to keep a track of the posts that interest them.

In our blogs definitions you will find a complete explanation of the features used to build a blogs and related sites. Microblogging is also another beloved way of blogs that restricts the number of signs that someone can publish in any blogsite. Tweeting is a favorite example of a socially networked website that can be a place for microblogging.

This is a Web site that has been designed to provide information about a corporation, ways to connect with a corporation, site information, employment information, and any other business-related help and information. It is a website or part of a website that assists in bringing together the people who visit the website through chats, discussion groups or some other type of bulletin board.

An information and website site is a site that has been designed with the purpose of producing inventive and individual contents, often related to a particular group. Others could be a policy website with policy or policy contents or a faith website with information about a particular faith.

This is a website designed to bring together those who might be interested in seeing other individuals or seeing other individuals. The majority of online dating sites charge a small amount, ask for a short explanation of themselves, and often have a number of issues to find those who would best suit your interests.

Any website that has been designed to sell goods or provide a service on-line is an e-commerce (electronic commerce) website. Amazonia is a great example of an e-commerce website. You can further subdivide an e-commerce website into one of the following sub-categories. A Web site is a Web site that has been designed to sell third-party product.

Do not confuse an affiliated website with an e-commerce website. Auctions website is a website that enables other persons to resell their goods or provide their service. eBay, for example, is one of the best-known sites for on-line auctions. An classifieds website is a website that allows anyone to offer goods or a service, usually free of charge or at low costs.

Classislist is a good example of a website for classifieds. It is a website with pages that have been created to assist a company, individual or other cause by making a one-time or one-month donation. Kickstarter is a good example of a Crowdfunding site.

Any website that contains a game that can be performed on the website is a game website. Frequently these on-line plays are provided with HTML5, Flash or Java. Gambling sites should not be mistaken for a gambling site that has contents that are pertinent to gambling without the site actually being able to game.

Governments website is a website of the division, subdivision, local or governmental authority that has been designed to provide information to the general population about a division or to link the general information to Governmentservices. There may also be a website of the regional authorities to encourage the development of the tourist industry. Help website and question-and-answer website is a website where anyone can ask related queries on any subject conceivable and where users of this website can help by answering these queries.

For a complete list of help pages where you can ask questions, see the links below. How can I ask a questions on the web? Any website that is designed to infect another computer or collect personally identifiable information is a hostile website. An example of a website that is infected with viruses is a website that has been designed to infect any user with viruses, trojans or trojans.

This kind of website can have a file stream that is infested, and if the file stream is infecting your computer or stealing your computer cookie using scripting, you can sign in to a website. Another popular vicious site is a phishing site conceived to look like other formal site (e.g. your bank) in the hopes that it will provide sensible information such as your user name and your passwords.

Counterfeit messaging sites are another kind of vicious site designed to appear as a legit message resource with the intent to disseminate scares and falsehoods. Protecting yourself on the web. Any website that specialises in giving users the opportunity to view one or more kinds of shared content is a media-sharing website.

This is a full replica of another website that is used when a website is congested or to help with the pace of a website in different parts of the globe. Even though similar, a mirrors location should not be mistaken for a scraping website or a CDN. An online newsgathering site is a site devoted to providing the latest information, whether locally or globally.

You can also dedicate a message page to a particular subject. Many computer-related messaging webpages, for example, are devoted to speaking about the latest computer- and technology-related messages. Both a P2P website and a torrent website are web pages that have been designed to enumerate available torrents that can be accessed using a file-sharing utility.

No. A Warenz website is a website similar to a torrent website except that it usually saves and host the soundtrack, videos and softwares that allow anyone to upload them to their computer. When you refer to a Warenz website, you usually describe a website where copyright protected materials are unlawfully downloadable.

An intimate website is a website that has been designed by a single contributor who speaks about his or her intimate lifestyle, his or her home community, his or her experience, and perhaps a resume. Today, many individuals create their own web sites as a blogs or use a web site as a place to save information about themselves. Personalities website is any website that includes a single entity such as an performer, fame, musician, writer or other entity.

This type of website may be created by the individual associated with the individual, such as a journalist or advertising company, or by a celebrity supporter. An evaluation website is any website that concentrates on evaluating a particular item orervice. Also many ecommerce web pages will have ratings from individuals who have bought the products they sell.

An educational website is a website designed to promote a community based educational institution. Scraper website is a website that steals (scraps) the contents of another website and publishes them on its website in the hope that it can get users to look for the information they scrapped. This could allow the individual to earn ad revenues when enough visitor has been directed to the scraper site.

Do not confuse a scraping website with a mirrors website which is a copy of a website created with your consent. This is a website that helps individuals find information on the web. is the best example of a searchengine website. For more information on searching machines and related hyperlinks, see our searching machine definitions.

This is a website that allows anyone to set up their own profiles on-line and get in touch with your loved ones, your relatives and your loved ones, as well as check their profiles and keep up to date with what's going on in their lives. Both Facebook and Twitter are good example sites for good people. You can find more samples of and information about our network in our network definitions.

This is a website that creates its contents from its members and once it has been published, all other members can decide whether they like the site or not. The Reddit is an example of a socially minded website that allows anyone to publish almost anything and is a great place to find things that would interest you most on the web.

Web site is a web site that publishes a cartoon every day, week or month. This is a website that a single individual can see, share, and retrieve without using any kind of softwares. This is a website that is built with the help of web-based applications and is often maintained and maintained by more than one people.

When I write, should I use "Website" or "Website"? Typically, however, most styles guide suggests a website (one word) instead of a website (two words) in all types of use.

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