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Don't let that fool you. WordPress - what is it? WordPress - what is it? WorldPress is an open program that lets you build a nice website or blogs. This can easily be the simplest and most versatile weblogging and website CMS for novices.

A 5-minute introductory short movie about WordPress and why it is the most widely used web publication site today.

WordPress - what is it? Short story of WordPress. Which is why it is much more than a blogs tools. WordPress how it works. There are six good reason to decide for WordPress. WordPress - what is it? WordPress is a web publication program that you can use to build your own website or your own blogs. WordPress has become one of the most widely used web publishers since its release in 2003.

However, many folks don't realise that WordPress is much more than just a blogs tools. It is actually a powerful CMS (Content Managment System) that allows you to create and maintain your own website using only your web navigator. This is because WordPress is an open source work. This means that literally thousands of voluntary workers from all over the globe are continually working on the WordPress program.

And there are tons of plug-ins, widgets and designs that let you create almost any kind of website you can think of. So how does WordPress work? Then your web browsers read this and interpret these tag to view and show the contents of a specific web page. Today you can download the WordPress application and run it on your own webhosting system in about 5 mins.

After installation, login to your website with your preferred web browsers and then build web pages with a basic web page builder - without learning how to encode. You can even get hosted by WordPress.com and others who installs WordPress for you and allows you to build your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, WordPress.com is a web site that lets you build your own website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even use WordPress as a web site.

WordPress is a good option for creating your blogs or your corporate website for several different purposes. WordPress is first of all Open source. This means that there are literally thousand of WordPress users around the globe who are working hard to make WordPress better. Since WordPress is an open resource program, it is free of charge.

Others publish restricts what you can and cannot do on your own website. WordPress allows you to bring your contents from other sources such as Blogger or Tumblr. You can also simply have your files exported to get away from WordPress if you want. WordPress is right for you? When you' re looking for a simple utility to help you create your own website or your own blogs without having to study how to encode, you will like WordPress.

And you' ll find that WordPress is unbelievably versatile, with hundreds of topics, plug-ins and supporting tools to make sure your site continues to evolve with you. Hopefully this has been useful and we look forward to seeing what you can do with WordPress! WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

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