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Site-Builder software for Windows: Offers an easy way to create websites along with eCommerce tools. Think of this offer as an equivalent to the all-in-one page building tools. You will receive a Sitebuilder and e-commerce tools.

Creating a Blog with Yahoo Sitebuilder

The Yahoo site builder provides a site builder experience for professional and small businessmen. Site Builder subscription users can easily design Web pages with drag-and-drop ease and even use Yahoo server to hoist their Web pages. In addition, Yahoo's "advanced" and "premium" web hosters can also blog on their webpages.

Please download the Yahoo Site Builder software and download and install it on your computer (link in Resources). Launch the Yahoo Site Builder program. Choose the website to which you want to post a blogs. You should see a listing of your Web sites under the Open Current Web Site headings on the right side of your applications screen.

When the website back-up is not saved on your computer, you can easily restore it by choosing "Import my current Yahoo! site". Select Tool from the menubar and click Web Hosting control Panel. Type your Yahoo Account ID and your Yahoo Account ID and click OK. The Web Hosts Dashboard Web Hosts Dashboard appears on your computer monitor.

Then click on " Creating & updating " and then on " WordPress ". "WordPress is associated with the Blog you want to make. Type a clear user name and passphrase for your blogs. Your site should have a user name and passwords that are different from your Site Builder ID and Passwords. Type your e-mail that is part of the website name.

If, for example, you create a blogsite on one of your web sites with the domain code widgetdesigns.com, the e-mail you entered should look like this: email@widgetdesigns.com. Press OK to go to the WordPress operation panel. Select the option if you want your blogs to appear as a home page on your website.

To save your WordPress documents to a standard place on your computer, click "Default Folder". Select the "I have reread and accepted" checkbox to accept the WordPress U ser licence. You can click "Activate" to add your new WordPress blog to your website. Congratulations " on the following page contains information about the defaults for your blogs, the web site of your blogs and useful initial link information.

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