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Twenty-five Interesting Facts About WordPress (Infographics) Would you like to get to know some WordPress facts? Today WordPress is 14 years old, so we thought about how best to commemorate the world's most beloved website creation tool than creating the 25 most important facts about WordPress infographics. There are 25 very interesting facts about WordPress that you may not know.

WordPress was first published on May 27, 2003. That makes WordPress older than Facebook and Twitter. Cristine Selleck Tremoulet, a productive journalist and girlfriend of Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress), proposed the name WordPress. WordPress currently serves nearly 27% of all Web sites, according to W3Techs' Web Technology Polls.

Wappalyzer says WordPress with 76 predominates the use of CMS applications. WorldPress is licensed under the GNU GPL, which allows anyone in the whole wide variety to use it. Spring codes are available for everyone to use, learn, use, change and base on. Read our articles about why WordPress is free?

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg founded the WordPress Foundation to safeguard the freedom of open sources. It is a non-profit organisation that holds the "WordPress" brand and safeguards the freedom provided by the open code licence of the work. See: Who does WordPress belong to and how does WordPress earn cash for more information? Because WordPress is an open resource that does not belong to any business, it has noEO.

Worldwide, WordPress publishers and publishers offer a wide range of WordPress-based content, tools, services to their customers. The WordPress platform offers great possibilities for WordPress to be used by tens of thousand of developers, specifiers and business owners. Take a look at our listing of the 20 most powerful WordPress firms and organizations. Wordprocessor plug-in plugins exceeded 1 1.48 billion plugins in 2016 overall.

WorldPress serves millions of governments websites in all parts of the globe. Lists include tens of U.S. federal and state governments, county councils, small cities, high school, etc. websites. WorldPress is used by tens of millions of universities, colleges and public education institutions around the globe. Open Software Licence allows student and researcher to read, edit, learn as well as develop WordPress cores, plug-ins and topics.

A plugin is like an app for your WordPress page. Currently more than 50,000 free WordPress plug-ins are available for downloading. Have a look at our selection of 24 must have WordPress plugs for your website. By 2014, the non-English WordPress files exceeded the German one. WordPress enabled the installation of WordPress administration packages in later years.

WordPress added user switchover on a WordPress page in the 2016 end version. WorldPress is fully compiled in 68 different tongues, and it is partly compiled in tens of other tongues. A lot of WordPress plugs and topics are also available in different tongues. Can also be used as a multilingual plattform using plug-ins like WPML and Polylang.

Read our instructions for installing WordPress in other tongues. WordPress formal meetings are referred to as WordCamps. There were 115 WordCamp sessions in 41 nations with 36,000 WordPress subscribers in 2016. The WordPress meetings are smaller meetings organised by small community groups under the auspices of the WordPress Foundation. There were 3193 WordPress meetings in 58 different counties with 62,566 participants in 2016.

WordPress's fellowship also operates affiliated products such as BuddyPress, GlotPress and more. These are all open code programs based on the WordPress kernel and principle. The number of WordPress locations with HTTPS was raised from 4% to 11.45% in 2016. WordPress is expecting it to increase dramatically as it schedules to make encrypting more proactive in 2017.

Read our instructions on how to use Let's Encrypt to insert free SSL into WordPress. The WordPress is a PHP based program that uses MySQL as its data base. 20 percent WordPress kernel is JavaScript. As WordPress becomes more and more a tool for developing applications, this is likely to increase.

WorldPress is a joint venture and free of charge. It is also recommended that you review our guidelines on how to correctly request and receive WordPress assistance.

WordPress publications are labelled after the names of famous musician. WordPress 1, for example. Zero is a name after Miles Davis and WordPress 4. The WordPress is updated automaticly for smaller versions. Plug-in update can also be triggered when a serious vulnerability is found that could threaten billions of websites. WorldPress is the open resource program you can use to create your website.

WordPress web site hosted to receive WordPress (see our instructions for creating a web site). At the other end, WordPress.com is a web site hosted by Automattic. Read our guidelines about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WorldPress has a built-in multi-site function that is disabled by default. However, WordPress has a built-in multi-site function that is disabled by default. 2.

Allows you to build a web site with the same WordPress application. More information on this subject can be found in our instructions for installing and setting up the WordPress Multi-site Workstation. Hopefully this piece has given you some interesting new facts about WordPress. Feel free to read our guidelines for choosing the best blogsite.

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