Access Godaddy Email

Godaddy Email Access

GoDaddy e-mail can be set for both POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). Depending on the option available, tap "Go" or "Access Your Account". GoDaddy Email Access Connect to GoDaddy's Workspace Webmail email servers from a web browsing application, GoDaddy application, or your GoDaddy web application. Webmail allows you to verify email account information associated with one or more of your GoDaddy host domains. Available for both Android and iPhone compatible phones, the GoDaddy Phone application allows you to securely connect your GoDaddy phone to your GoDaddy email account.

It is also possible to set up your preferred email clients, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, to administer your GoDaddy emailboxes. After all, you can access your email addresses while logging in to your GoDaddy baseboard. There are several ways to verify your GoDaddy email. In order to verify your GoDaddy email inbox from a desktop computer, use a default web navigator.

Typing the Desktop copy of the Workspace webmail URL (link in resources) in the browser's browser toolbar, then pressing Return opens the web-based email utility. In the User Name text field, specify the e-mail adress for the user you want to access, and then specify the passphrase associated with the user adress in the Passphrase textbox.

To open your email inbox, click the Sign Up button. You can use the web browsers on your portable devices to review your GoDaddy email. Start the Web Browser and enter the Web page name of the user (see Resources). Touch Go or hit Return to open the Workspace Webmail utility. Login with your email-adress and your passwort.

The GoDaddy offers a free email application for Android and iPhone free of charge. The GoDaddy Mobil application can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play and installed. Start the email application on your portable phone, then touch the Email Management tabs to open the email Dashboard. Enter the email adress of the email you want to verify in the Email panel, and then enter the email adress for the email in the Email panel, and then enter the email adress for the email in the Email panel.

Touch Go or hit Return to access the specified bankroll. In order to setup your email clients for accessing your GoDaddy email clients via mail, you need to reconfigure your email applications with the received mail servers of "" and the portnumber of "110". Workspace Webmail can also be accessed by signing into your GoDaddy accounts Dashboard in a web browsers and then selecting the Email Management tab.

To open the Webmail utility using your Webmail client, click the Webmail button next to the email address for the email that you want to access.

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