Adoption of ActiveDen Flashback nine years to 2006 (pun intended). He was a writer of fl ash files who made a small living with iStockphoto. Together with our co-founders Cyan and Jun he saw the chance for a own Flashmarketplace and aunity. Shortly afterwards ActiveDen was called up. Whilst ActiveDen has a following, the industry has gone away from using Flasht for various purposes (including HTML5).

ActiveDen's retirements will take place in the next few month and include the following important phases: The ActiveDen will be completely phased out. Purchasers can no longer buy new ActiveDen artwork or load orders and writers can no longer view their articles. We would like to take this chance to thank our many gifted ActiveDen writers and committed shoppers and affilates.

Activetuts and ActiveDen - New names, same fantastic content

It' been our longest serving online audience and has become the biggest Adobe Flash file sharing site in the industry, with over 8,500 articles sold, thanks to the stunning writers who present their work there. Adobe asked us last weekend to modify our name and our Url to no longer include the word "Flash", which is a brand of Adobe.

As we know, the performance of our websites depends on the communities and contents, not on the name. Here at Envato headquarters, we've come up with new nicknames and think we've found a great new home for our Tuts+ plaza and Tuts+ blogs on Flash. Since today both locations are living under ActiveDen and Activetuts+.

Our new designations complement the use of the Flash term, open us to new technology and are brief and catchy! In order to start the new name, I thought I'd put together some of the best tutorials and articles on the pages: Undoubtedly the leader in Flash file market place, ActiveDen has some really favorite file types.

Although it is one of our newer Tuts+ pages, Activetuts+ is already packed with high-quality Adobe Flash, ActionScript, Air and Flex Tutorials and is growing more dynamic every time. It is a very efficient programming tool that is able to build everything from easy and lightweight tools to full-featured desktops application..... Learn in this I´ll how to make a great miniature golf game with action script 3.0.

We' ll make a galery in this step which shows all images in a certain folder. I' ll be explaining in this Tutorial how to grab and use the display list while building an XML-based picture galleries using action script 3.0..... I will help you in this step-by-step guide to make a glossy little mousetrailer with actionscript 3.0....

Learn more about the changes in the ActiveDen blog or on TechCrunch. There is also a very long threads for discussions in the ActiveDen fora. I would also like to briefly thank everyone who helped us make the switch and supported FlashDen in three years of stunning expansion and a stunning fellowship, many more than ActiveDen!

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