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It is a great design, beautifully designed and easy to use. Stay in touch with our WordPress Themes Our HTML Themes Our PSD Themes Our WordPress Plugins. A central idea or message that is reflected in all advertisements of an advertising campaign for a product is called an advertising theme. Another type of ad that you can use in the newspaper theme is the background ad.

Classifieds WordPress Theme by scriptsbundle and AdForest

The AdForest is one of the premier and best premium classifications WordPress theme with excellent front-end interface. Receive WordPress theme with different colour choices and fantastic WAP-features. The Google Maps is also included in the WordPress ad motif. The WordPress classified advertisements on ease of use and general usage experiences are contemporary.

The AdForest is a Premium Classified WordPress theme, extremely versatile, multiple re-usable paragraphs with many options and has a completely appealing allure. We' ve painstakingly crafted this theme, with a keen emphasis on type, ease of use and generalizability. This topic contains comprehensive documentation to help you properly setup your system for use.

REMARK: Please upgrade your design to the latest release as soon as possible if you are using the classical release, as the classical release will no longer be available in the will. Updating plug-ins. Fixed the problem with the phone menus. Added date and URL in category-based user-defined files. Fixes small bss problems. Updating plug-ins. 1 - Upgrade the plug-ins to the latest releases.

2 - Run cost sliders from 0 instant from 1. 3 - Fix small problems with jQuery and mss. 4 - Clear the drop-down list for multiple currencies in Widget if we only have 1rency. 5 - Category templates problem solved. 1 - Updating the Woocommerce templates. 4 - Clear the feature ad sliders during radio search. 5 - Fix problems with yourss.

1 - Drop zone js problem solved. 2 - Optional Clear Profiles pushbutton to clear the current album. The administrator has the possibility to allow this or not. 3 - Small bug fixing. Corrected 6- Small problems with small files in the CSS. 1 - The radius scan is available in all 3 scan layouts; so far only in the card scan. 2 -Function and bid options also available under "My ads" in the users program.

3 - The problem with the number of users reviewing has been solved. 4 - Small problem with small css has been solved. 2 - Problem with users ratings solved. 2 - The standard chosen choice for the unit of measure. 3 - Local call with permanent currencies. 4 - Empty interrogator strings are not displayed as seek tag. 5 - Opens the sidebar to open the wide by defaults.

Subcategory 6 Optional to be displayed in the side bar searching function. Seven- Find the card that focuses on relocating when searching with the Card pane. 4 - Fix problems with rearranging pictures on your portable device. 5 - YouTube symbol removed in the bottom line. 2 years problems solved. 2 - Velocity controls of the Ad Solid features slide from the theme settings and activating the cycle.

4-Tabs speed dial problem with solved listen styles. 5 - Synchronize radius scan with interrogation. 8 - Automatic approval of the parcel order in the theme settings. 3 - Expired and sell-out picture positions corrected. 4 -Header header left side visible in blue fixated in movable version. Corrected widget styles on the Ad detail page. 8 - float rate permitted.

3 - Modify the Order pricing method and insert a new pricing method. 4 -Card Scroll on Cellphone. 1 )- Solved problem flashing sticky menus. 4 )- Breadcrumb problem solved. 5 )- Small problems with the CSS solved. 1 )- Updating plug-ins. 2 )- Corrected problem with correct colour scheme of white area. 6: 2- Updating Woo-Commerce and template.

5: 1- Display sorting by prize during searching. 2 - Select the Locale addresses in advertisements item. 3 - Minor JS problem solved. 1 - The problem with the card has been resolved. 2 - Restore my lost passphrase corrected. 3 - Correct category-based template. 4 - Solved problem updating YouTube videos. 5 - Problem with moving the fall area solved. 2 - 0. 00 Fix it.

1 - Control box added in category-based user-defined template. 4 - Error corrected. 1 - Category-based template up to 4 levels. 2 - Monetary item for parcels. 3 - Shortcuts with the possibility to point them to the page of searching or categories. 1 - Fix some problems. 2 - Update pre-configured plug-ins. 1 - Added pricing options for right, right, thousands, decimal places and separators.

3 - Include JS and CSS options in the headers. 5 - Category-based pattern finder refreshed. 2 - Ad writer Choose the Bid from frontend if the administrator allows it. 3 - fa icon in menue corrected. 3 - Telephone number needed Optional from the backend. 2 - Some problems with CSS have been solved. 1 - Category-based ad delivery submissions.

2- Small CSS fixing... 1- Solid currency sign on the RTL display page. 1 - Correct the problem with the rotary slide control. 2 - Corrected fonts problems with HiTps. 2 - Fix Images Upgrade for mobiles. 2 - Resolved problem with ad approval in online community. 3 - Google Maps on the ad detail page corrected.

2 - Some strings were not translateable, corrected. 3 - WHOO COCOMMERCE 3 - whoo cocommerce set CS in select 2. 4 - YouTube bug fix. AD YouTube movie options added. Minor problems have been solved.

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