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The Adapt has built-in post types for your portfolio, home page highlights and a home page slider so adding your content is a breeze. Use the WordPress Uploader to upload a custom logo. Customize an appealing WordPress theme from DesignerThemes The Adapt is a fast-reacting theme developed to present your items and your work in a stylish way. Featuring a high-performance full-width homepage slide and customizable 3-column brickwork with some fun -packed motion graphics. The Adapt also leverages the advantages of AJAX, which allows the users to upload more corresponding content on the fly without having to reload the page or interfere with search engine optimization.

You' ll also get a number of design customization features as well as a host of shortcuts and post-editor tools to improve your work. And you can be sure that your design is always up to date, with the latest WordPress versions and all the latest web browser compatibility.

We' re a two-man crew working full-time at, delivering total magnificence in the shape of WordPress topics. The brain is full of theme suggestions and our refrigerator is filled with Red Bull.... it's kicking ass! Photograph that is used in the demonstration, with kind permission of: Sample portfolios in the demonstration with kind permission of :

The SmartAdapt

Reactive HTML5 and CSS3, neat and adaptable styling using the Zurb Foundation frontendmework. It allows you to modify different aspect of the theme easily: wallpaper, logos or title picture, etc. High performance but easy designing with supports for community sharing buttons (Facebook like, Twitter, Google +1, It pin) .......

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Adapt Theme is a clear, minimalistic theme suitable for portfolio owners, blogs, and companies who enjoy the simple. The Adapt is a great theme to work on. A lot of designer use this theme as a basis for their new work. There are 6 different ways to view your theme artwork. Simply up-load your own wallpaper or your own wallpaper colour.

Use the WordPress uploader to load a customized brand. Build a portfolio page to view your contents.

Customize freely responding Wordpress theme enterprise portfolios.

Customize freely reactive WordPress theme identifies a very neat and stylish WordPress theme that makes it useful for small companies, agents, portfolios und more. All in all, the overall look is very simple and extremely simple to set up. Comes with integrated mail type for your portofolio, homepage highlight and homepage sliders.

It' s easy to make your own music. When you can create blogs, you can create elements for each of these user-defined message styles. Adapter 2.0 contains page styles for your homepage, your blogs, your filters able portfolios, full width pages and even a target page. You can also personalise these pages using the Topic Option area.

An important characteristic is the Drag&Drop homepage. Just pull contents to rearrange and activate them. It is a great theme, perfectly suited for anyone who wants a minimum commercial or investment website. Take a look at the below listed featured products and the demonstration to see for yourself!

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