Add Downloaded Theme to Wordpress

How to Add a Downloaded Topic to Wordpress

If you buy a WordPress theme, you will usually receive a download link for the zip file. Go to "Plugins" in your WordPress Dashboard menu ? "Add New". Click the Add New button to access the WordPress Topic Directory. ( or will ) get your topic, there are two ways to add it to your website.

Add new designs via the administration interface.

First Steps

Each time you choose to enable a new WordPress theme, it is suggested that you deactivate any plug-ins that you might have on your site. Often, third-party plug-ins disrupt some of the theme's functionality or even cause it to behave unexpectedly. We also recommend that you create a full backup of your WordPress data base just to be sure.

Themes can be downloaded directly to your WordPress Web site using the Add New Themes submenu Add New Themes item in the Appearance submenu. Login to the WordPress administration area (Dashboard). Choose the Look and Feel window, and then choose Designs. Please click on the Install button to add the theme to your blogs. You can use the Reload hyperlink in the top submenu to zip and load a copy of a theme that you have previously downloaded to your computer.

When your host provides the cPanel console, please obey these steps. Please dowload the Theme zipped to your computer. Use the cPanel Audio Manager to browse to your theme folders. When you have WordPress in its own directory named Wordpress and you have WordPress in it, go to "public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes" and when WordPress is in your Web root directory, go to "public_html/wp-content/themes".

After navigating to the Themes directory in the cPanel file manager, click Submit file(s) and submit the zipped archive you stored in your computer intep 1. As soon as the zipped files are loaded, click on the name of the zipped files in cPanel, then in the right pane, click Extract contents, and this zipped files will not be compressed.

In order to add a new theme to your WordPress install, perform these essential steps: Upload the Theme Library and unzip the included data. Observe the instructions of your theme writer. Use an FTP program (e.g. FileZilla) to set up a folder for accessing your web hosting system where you can store your theme in the wp-content/themes folder provided by WordPress.

As an example, a theme called Test should be located in the wp-content/themes/test file. In the new location on your hosting machine, you will need to load the theme file. WordPress custom menus are fully supported by our topics. And if you are not yet comfortable with this WordPress function, please read the WordPress Menu User Guide, which contains very in-depth information about this function.

Out of the box, WordPress does not contain certain functions that are very important on a commercial website. These are some of the most common issues we receive. It is a WordPress base preference that can be maximally customized via Preferences > Read > Blog Pages: Why do my miniatures look stretched/squashed?

Each of our designs uses the built-in WordPress Crop function to crop pictures, with some theme-specific, user-defined picture sizing. When you have our theme on a website with already created contents (posts and pictures) you have to generate the miniature views according to our measurements. Login to the WordPress administration area (Dashboard).

Choose the Plugins window and then Add New. Enter "Regenerate thumbnails" (without quotation marks) in the Find field and click Find Plugins. Regeneration of thumbnails or force regeneration of thumbnails, both are great and work the same way. Once the plug-in you chose has been enabled, run it through the Tools > (Force) Regenerate Thumbnails window.

Should any problems occur during setup, or should the topic for any reasons behave differently than anticipated, you can always count on our Hermes customer service.

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