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The WS Topic Add-Ons The WS Thread Addons is an addon for the WS Topic Log topic to import the WS Topic Log contents and also for the Instagram Widgets, which allows the Instagram Mail to display the WS Topic Log topic in your WS Topic Log. The topic is perfect for tourist offices, hotel, tour operator or any other organisation related to travelling and touring. There are many surprising functions you can use to tell your experience and your tripogues. "WP Travel" is the best option for a tour operator, a tour operator or a destination management company. It is fully WP compliant with the WP Travelling plug-in.

Show all information about the plug-in from set-up to adjustment.

Install Plugins and Add-ons - Project Guide - Project Overview

Next after the installation and registration of the Jupiter WordPress topic is the installation of plug-ins and add-ons to use a page creator and add functionality to the design. Here we describe different ways to deploy bundled/3rd Party plug-ins and add-ons. To test plug-ins with your design, please test the plug-ins in a test/staging area.

Disable temporary plug-ins foraching. Verify that there are known plug-in conflict for this particular plug-in on-line. There are several important plug-ins needed for the topic of this game. Currently the two of them need to be installed. Everything else is facultative and you can deploy it according to the needs of your website. Please note: All plug-ins listed are packaged in the design and do not have to be purchased seperately.

You have three ways to get the plug-in installed. The Jupiter 5. A new function for plug-in managment was added in the 7 release. With this new function, you can simply use your Jupiter keyboard to add, upgrade, activate as well as delete plug-ins. We recommend this approach because the installation of a plug-in will take less than a second.

If you are using an older Jupiter release, go to the WordPress Auto Setup section. For example, we will be installing WPBakery Page Builder, a needed Jupiter plug-in that comes with the topic. Go to Jupiter > System Preferences from the WordPress shortcut on the left. Go to Necessary plug-ins in the operation panel's top right hand corner menus.

Click the Enable pushbutton next to the WPBakery Page Builder. The WPBakery Page Builder is now up and running on your website. At the top of the Active Plugins section, it is shown. We recommend this approach and it should be used if you are using Jupiter 5. For example, we will be installing and activating WPBakery Page Builder, a needed plug-in for Jupiter that comes with the topic.

Go to WordPress Image > Plugins in the dropdown list on the right. Press the Connect to WPBakery Page Builder icon below the WPBakery Page Builder. Once the setup is complete, from the WordPress shortcut bar on the right, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins. Press the Activate pushbutton below the WPBakery Page Builder. When you have a Zip file, you can download it by hand and then reinstall it.

Go from the WordPress submenu on the far right to Add new. Click in the upper leftside part of the window on Load plug-in. Download a Zip image and click Install Now. Once the plug-in installation is complete, click Activate. We strongly recommend that you use a test/staging enviroment to test third-party plug-ins with your customization and see how your website is affected before you install the plug-ins on your web site.

Go from the WordPress to Plugins > Add new link in the navigationbar. Look for a plug-in by entering plugins in the entry box labeled Plugins. Click on the plug-in you want to deploy, and then click Deploy Now. Once the plug-in installation is complete, click Activate. The add-ons are free add-ons only for the Jupiter topic that offer more features and customization.

Notice: At the time of writing, add-ons are not yet available for release and will be published in a forthcoming release of the topic.

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