Add Template to Wordpress Theme

To add a template to the Wordpress theme

To create a custom template, create a new php file and add the following to upload it to wp-content/themes/clean-home <? php /* Template Name: Then just add your loop. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the WordPress template on an existing website. Therefore, we recommend that you use one of our proven designs for your website or blog.

Installing an Elementor template on your WordPress theme| WordPress tutorial

Please visit the marketplace of Elementor: Go to Marketz Elementsor Template: You haven't yet reinstalled Elementsor Builders (I think you have, but just in case you have), go to Plugins - Add new ones and enter "elementor" in the seek area. Press the "Install Now" key and then enable it. You can now edit using Elementsor when you open the New Page or Article Create pane in the WordPress Dashboard.

Visit the Elementor Marketplace and get a template. If a template is already yours, there are two ways to get it installed: via the WordPress dashboard or via the Elementor feature. In order to do this from the dashboard, go to Elementor - My Templates and click on "Import Templates". Your import template appears in a drop-down menu and you can use Elementor to see and modify it.

Second, you can directly from the Elementor Editor Editorial' dashboard do it. If you decide to use Elementor to edit a new page, the first thing you see is the Add pane, which prompts you to add a new section or template. Click the "Add Template" icon.

When the import is complete, the template appears in a checklist. You can download all the template files there, regardless of whether you install them using the WordPress dashboard or the Elementor feature. You can view, clear, and print the template in the template viewer from this dropdown menu.

In order to begin processing, paste it on the page that clicks on the "Paste" tool. They can be edited at will and the contents adapted to your requirements. You can select in the libary whether you want to download available pads or pages (some of them are free), but since you have already loaded a template, go to the "My Templates" area.

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