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Apply color and character to your presentation; add a combination of color, fonts, and special effects to a presentation to make it look attractive. Find out how to add and preview new designs for your online store and purchase a paid design.

<font color="#ffff00">Description

Adds a submenu page to the Appearance submenu. The text to be shown in the page's caption tag when the page's menus are checked Default: The text to be used for the default menu: No $ability (string) (required) The ability that is needed for this item to be visible to the end users.

Standard: Name of the slot under which this submenu is referenced (should be unambiguous for this submenu). Standard: Standard:'' This feature is a basic wrapper for a call to add_submenu_page() that passes the retrieved parameters and specifies'themes.php' as parameter $parent_slug. That means that the new page is added as a submenu to the Appearance submenu.

It uses the $capability argument to specify whether or not to include the page in the menus depending on the roles and abilities of the currently active onlooker. It is typically used in a feature listed with a check mark'admin_menu' (see Adding Administration Menus): add_action('admin_menu','my_plugin_menu'); add_theme_page('My Plugin Theme','My Plugin','edit_theme_options','my-unique-identifier','my_plugin_function'); add_theme_page() is found in wp-admin/includes/plugin.

Apply colour and theme to your slide topics.

If you open the Design in PowerPoint page, you'll see the built-in, colourful slideshow skins that you can use on your presentations. Using a theme is a quick way to give your films an appealing and professionally designed look. Use one theme on all transparencies or some transparencies. Choose Design.

Move the mouse pointer over a design to see a glimpse of how your transparency will look. Choose More to view more topics. To choose the topic you want to use, click here. The theme you choose defaults to all transparencies in your slideshow. When you want to modify the colour theme, font styles, effect or backdrop styles, choose More in the Variants group.

Hint: To add a theme to only one or a few transparencies, choose the transparency or transparencies, right-click the desired theme, and choose Add to Selected Sun. If you want to use more than one topic in a single session, see Applying more than one topic to a session. Customize a design by changing an existent design.

Choose your first film. In the Design page, choose the down arrows in the Variants group. Choose colors, fonts, effects, or background styles to adjust the design. In the Designs group, choose the downarrow and select Safe Current Theme. See Make your own theme in PowerPoint for more information about how to make your own theme.

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