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Many articles have been written about how to install WordPress. Installing a WordPress theme Having trouble installing a WordPress theme? Topics are the cornerstone of every WordPress page, so if you can't get your WordPress theme of your choosing installed, you'll get bogged down on the airport track! Throughout the years WordPress has developed so far that it is actually quite dangerous to have a new WordPress theme installed.

Like WordPress, however, there are a few different ways to get your design installed (mostly based on where you found it). This article will introduce you to each and every methodology in detail. Want to know how to get a WordPress theme installed? Hint - these instructions are for pages, not for

See this article for more on the difference between and Ok, according to where you found your design, you may need to select a particular item from this list: Once you have found your topic on, you can use any of these techniques (but Method 1 and Method 2 are the simplest for your situation).

Jump right to step 1. When you have bought a premier theme or found a free theme from somewhere NOT in, you must use either the 3 or 4 methods (where 3 is the easiest). Jump right to step 3. You can use this approach for....topics found at

WordPress 4 introduces this approach. and makes it simple for you to set up your design and immediately begin customization through the real-time WordPress Customizer. In order to begin, go to your WordPress dashboard. Click the Modify pushbutton next to the current topic on the next screen: Then click Installs & Preview:

You have to hold a second while WordPress executes the download and install the design. Then you should see a real-time thumbnail of your new design. Immediately start customising your design with the WordPress Customizer. To activate your new design, simply click the Activate & Publish button:

A new WordPress theme from has just been added. You can use this approach for....topics found at Whilst the above described methodology is the latest way to instal topics from, you can still freely choose to use the conventional methodology. There is no actual distinction between this and the preceding methods, and both are easy to implement - it's up to you.

In order to start, go to your WordPress dashboard and click Look. Then click the Add New button: Look on the next page for the WordPress. org theme with the name. Then move the mouse over the design and click Install: While WordPress is installing the design, after a few seconds, the same icon should turn to Enable.

To activate your reinstalled design, click it: The new design is already in place and running on your website. It works for... all topics. This is the simplest way for you to get the design up and running if you have bought a premier theme or otherwise found a design that is not on

In order to get going, you should have a zipped archive from wherever you found the topic. In case you have trouble finding this zipped archive, I suggest that you consult the vendor of your topic, as each vendor has a different procedure. As soon as you have found the zipped archive, you will learn how to download and use it.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click Look. Click the Upload Theme icon at the top of the next screen: When you click on the icon, a new user Interface dialog appears: First click on Choose Files and choose the Zero Point Protocol from your computer. While WordPress will upload and install your design, there will be a small lag.

Then you can click the Activate icon to activate your new design: You will never have to use this in 99. 9% of the cases. However, it is useful in some cases when the other techniques do not work for you. It can also help you better comprehend what the more user-friendly techniques above actually do under the hood. What's more, it can help you learn what the more user-friendly techniques above do under the hood. What's more, it can also help you learn what the more user-friendly techniques do under the hood. What's more, it can also help you to learn.

As you are a novice, I suggest you stick to the above mentioned techniques, as I will require some technical know-how in my instruction for this one. In order to use FTP to install a WordPress theme, you need a few things to get started: FTP login information - You can get it from your web site provider's web site or your host's technical team.

Your design zipped files - you will not directly be uploading this zipped files, but the extracts. As soon as you have prepared everything, you can start to extract the files from the zipped files to your computer: You can then use FTP to link to your WordPress website and use the directory structure to access the /wp-content/themes folder:

Load the whole extracted subfolder into this location. As soon as the download is complete, go to the Appearance page in your WordPress dashboard. Now you should see an item for the topic you just added. Move your mouse over it and click Activate to activate the topic on your website:

Although this approach requires some elementary understanding of how FTP works, it is really not too complex. Funny fact - before WordPress 2. 8 Baker (released 2009), this was how you set up WordPress topics. This concludes my great tutorial on how to add a WordPress theme to your website!

Keep in mind, here is the methodology you should use due to your situation: When you have found a free topic in, use either way 1 or way 2. When you need to set up a premier theme or a theme that you found somewhere else, use either way 3 (or way 4 if you want the more hands-on approach).

As soon as you learn more about WordPress, you can even use something named WP-CLI for another way to install WordPress topics!

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