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Best 30+ AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes for 2018 When you read this post, you most likely want to earn cash with AdSense on your site. Probably the major issue you have is that you are not sure where to place advertisements, and even if you do, your design can make it annoying. There would be a much simpler way if there was a design optimised for AdSense, so you don't have to do all the work.

You are lucky, because there are many topics that are optimised for AdSense. I' ll be listing 30+ large WordPress AdSense topics here. This is a contemporary and neat WordPress topic for journals and blog posts. She has an elegantly designed and well organised website with many visually appealing features. Topic has nice slider controls, widgets and embedded videos.

There are many customized Widget's, as well as Widget's that work as advertising banner, so you can easily place any number of advertisements anywhere on the site. The FlyMag Pro has a highly reactive look, WP Product Review plug-in plug-in that lets you create great ratings, an up-to-date newsletter sticker, limitless colours, merry-go-rounds, advertising widgets and tagged slider controls.

WordPress AdSense thread designed for magazine and messaging sites that provides a great deal of interactive content. There are many widgets: include searchable content, searchable content, searchable content, searchable content, and many more. It focuses on healthcare, as well as related areas such as sport, travelling and the outdoors.

It consists of three main pillars, two of which contain the items from each of the categories, while the third with the societal area is "responsible". Featuring limitless color choices, adjustable pictures, side bars and widgets, full responsiveness, a bulit-in login/registration screen, SEO-optimized and many other functions you should try.

The Romero is a beautiful topic from a magazin that was developed to emphasise visually. It' s best suited for gaming websites, car journals, movies critics or any other alcove that contains a wide variety of images. It has a blog-like look that is AdSense and WooCommerce compliant. User-defined colours and scripts, ready-made page layouts and endless page scroll are all equipped with the appealing designs.

Quite a simple topic for on-line message sites and periodicals. There is a monochrome top menue on the page, it has a blog-like look and is completely widgettized. To the right you will find Widget pages that present the most beloved, latest and annotated items. Several of the functions of the topic are:

Optimize your search for better search results with advanced search engine optimization, user-defined Widgets, limitless colour layouts and background, and built-in community content. MyH magazines is a WordPress issue dedicated to professionals for editing web sites. Fully-reactive, this WordPress subject is perfect for subjects such as newscasts, technologies, policy, lifestyle, sport, natural history, business, travelling and more.

Featuring this much-loved WordPress theme, you can monetise your site by taking full advantage of the many widgets available on the dedicated title page and in the page bars to view adverts at different places on your site. With the MH Magazin you can therefore easily incorporate adverts and flags into your website contents.

In addition, the WordPress topic offers extra promotional opportunities and some great functions for introducing pro web marketing tools. It is a neat WordPress AdSense topic for journals and newsgroups. It was designed to bring the contents to the fore. There is a menubar in the topic box, where you can also find the daily story.

As with any topic in a magazin, it is also capable of Adsense. It has a fast reacting look and, apart from the journal's lay-out, it also comes with a newsprint skins. There are also several Widget - many of them working as Videos - Widget - a current novelty sticker, a tagged slide show, improved slide show, optimized search engine management, a robust zom program frameworks and a simple customisation process.

This is a topic for magazines with robust AdSense implementation. There is a deep pattern with blacks background, reds and whites lettering and knobs. The Tabloid comes with a tagged slide bar, embedded link, message sticker, wide screen, ad space and a nice and engaging look. There are four advertising space on the homepage and it holds three when you scroll through the other pages.

The tabloid is SEO-optimized, offers various categories and many topic settings. Contemporary and memorable magazine topic with a friendly look. It has a beautiful slider and roundabout look and a box lay-out look. The IsleMag has an appealing look, a generous bottom line, Instagram feedback, a great rating system that allows you and your user to evaluate different items, Roundabout slider and many different advertising space.

Like the name suggests, Magazine is a WordPress AdSense topic developed for journals and message sites. There is a plain, neat and professionally designed interface that will help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently. Designed to be used in conjunction with Themify Builder, which features easy-to-use drag-and-drop controls.

There are many advertising space on the topic, three of which are placed directly on the homepage (as you can see in the picture above). Different Widget for advertising banners will be placed inside the article. With 42 pre-configured page styles, mega-menus, latest tickers, socially shared button, related postings, six side bar styles, seven mail styles, six colored skin styles, WooCommerce compliance, and more, the mag offers a wide range of content to choose from.

Daily themes are optimised for message websites that use AdSense. Design incorporates an easy-to-use ad management board that allows you to place different size ads in your side bar and other ad locations. The WordPress AdSense topic contains several page styles, with archives, full width, and more user-defined styles.

Every setting you ever need to modify is located in an easy-to-use option window. User-defined Widget are provided, incl. Twitter and Flickr. It comes SEO-optimized and translated so that your website is visual and translateable. AdSense friendly designed for magazines and medium sites, it comes with a contemporary and contemporary look and four different demonstrations.

In terms of functionality, this site provides multi-layout layout, an appealing look, a trend sticker with the latest headlines, a page creator so you can customise anything you want, an integrated user verification system, appealing advertisements (except Google AdSense), WooCommerce compliance and other appealing functionality. Beautiful WordPress AdSense topic for journals and message pages or blog, with a clear and friendly look.

It' s packed with softwares, social networking sites, Widget, Tags, Category, Performance Enhancements, SEO-enabled and WP Review Pro-enabled. Attractive and dominant in pale gray, the subject features four distinct laysouts, two slide control choices, pallax scroll, 630+ Google scripts, and 590 font awesome symbols. There are also super menu, amax shop, authors box, infinite color, side bars and wallpaper option.

Interesting and memorable WordPress AdSense topic that also offers beautiful functions. It is fully reactive, retinal, optimised for advanced content management (SEO), WooCommerce, BuddyPress and BuddyPress compliant and can also be translated into other programming languages. What's more, it can also be used in other language versions. NewDesk is a WordPress AdSense topic designed for on-line magazine and message sites. The topic is full of Widgets and interacting icons as any page of information should be.

News spaper is an elegantly designed topic designed for website publication and reviews that helps you monetise your store and post banner ads. News Paper Topic features an smart display system that adjusts the display sizes intelligently for a great viewing experience on every machine. Advertisements can be placed at the top of the home page, between Widget pages or to the right or link of the page without affecting the visitor's ability to read.

Contains a front-end page-builder, pre-built demonstration themes, multiple user-defined widgets, nice posting style, videos, reviews, interactivity keys, and motion symbols. It is also WPML compliant and WPML-friendly. It is a topic designed for message websites or for Blogger and Journalist who want to keep their contents up to date.

This topic is completely dedicated, fast reacting, socially, SEO-optimized, translatable and adaptable. There are a large number of advertising spaces for your website in this area. There are two on the homepage, but a lot on each one. They can use this topic for blogs, e-commerce or magazines sites, but it can be a good option for many other uses.

Friendly and colourful, the theme contains user-defined symbols. Digitis has many more features: fast response layouts, customized widgets, translations, SEO optimisation, infinite colour scheme, light boxes, infinite background, premiumsupport, HTML5 and CSS3. On the inside of the contributions, it provides six advertising surfaces that are distributed over the whole page and have different heights.

There are two demonstration homepage option for this topic: Standard and Social. It has a minimalistic look and can be used for blogs or small message sites. TruePixel was built with HTML5 and CSS3, is Widgettized, AdSense and optimised AdSense and features many different types of HTML and CSS3 content. There are four advertising space on the homepage and in each area.

It' s portable, has pallax scroll, shortcuts, unlimited wallpapers, authors box, mega menus, import/export options and is WP review pro compliant so you can turn it into a reviews topic. The Pinterest-like WordPress topic has a simple lay-out and many areas where you can place your advertisements. It' s rich interactivity and contemporary look gives you many ways to easily create and edit your advertisements.

Pinstagram, as you can see from the screen shots, has everything a topic needs to help your website become well-loved. There are many softwares, widgets, translations into many different tongues, socially optimised and socially optimised sites where you can place your advertisements. Smart Adsense provides it' smart placement, so you can have it on the home page or directly within the postings, before and after the post.

Colourful and memorable, this topic was developed primarily for marketers. Optimised for advanced analytics (SEO), it comes with softwares, advertising space, a rating system, tagging, authoring tools and a widget. ThusciallyViral offers great menu choices, four different load modes, subscriptions box, parallel axes scroll, 630+ Google 630+ font, limitless color, side bars, backgrounds option, shortcuts, and many other compelling functions.

An issue that has been optimised to work with magazines and multimedia sites that require AdSense connectivity. Although it has a minimal look, Magazines Pro includes everything a news website needs: Widget, tag, blog, community button, well-organized contents, customized menu, portable response, feature-rich image, six layouts option, topic option and much more.

Most of the hard work with AdSense themes is designing the ad spaces to match the remainder of the theme, so that your traffic doesn't find them too pushy, but at the same times they're different enough to be easily seen and compliant with Google's guidelines.

The topic has nine different areas in its layouts, so you're sure to find something that works for you. WooCommerce is integrated, user-defined mail format, endless page bars, integrated colour scheme, extensive user manuals and many other useful functions. AdSense has a basic journal design for general messaging sites and provides AdSense optimisation.

It has a clear and minimalistic look and provides a rating system. Beneath the menue, NewsOnline has a novelty sticker that works like a slide control that displays the latest and most important novelties. The NewsOnline can process large volumes of contents, is fully reactive and optimised for performance and speech, provides pallax scanning, short codes, authors boxing, infinite colours, font, symbols, background and many other customisation possibilities.

Scheme could be the perfect topic for a journal or multimedia website. Not only is it one of the quickest WordPress themes on the market, but it also includes all the necessary functions to help your company quickly rise to the top of the career ladder. What is more, it's a great way to get your company up and running quickly. You can use, for example, a headline ad, an ad under the heading, or another design item.

scheme offers an appealing look, an integrated verification system, light coding, customized styles, unrestricted background, useful links, Google scripts and symbols, customized Widgets, and many other high-performance customization features. The WP-Critique is a subject for evaluation of products, but it offers several rooms for advertising-banner. It' a versatile and adaptable styling that is very versatile.

Critique WP is prepared for an effective promotional campaign as it provides many widgets for different uses and many advertising space. It' s best suited to a journal or media website because it is neat, easy and professionally designed. It features an attractive look, an integrated review feature, integrated authorship pages, a YouTube video page style, several home page layouts, various mail and page placement choices, a number of advertising banners, a category section and many other customisation features.

Foundly is a basic topic for newscast websites and journals, with a minimalistic but contemporary and good looking look. With The Foundly you can place a large number of advertising posters anywhere on your website. In terms of functionality, the site provides an appealing look, a number of blogs laid out, set of corporate link pages, two different demo versions (classic skins and stories /magazine-child theme), SEO-friendly look, AdSense inclusion, performance tuning, customizers and many other fun functions.

This is a versatile WordPress topic. Can be used for journals, blogging or rating pages. Clear, contemporary and resistant designs. It looks friendly and inviting and also provides plenty of space for advertising media - at the top of the homepage, in the side bar area and between articles.

The GoodLife offers a highly reactive lay-out, four galleries and videos, three different headers, integrated plug-ins, integrated ad space that you can easily organize, performance and SMS optimisation, videos play lists, a sophisticated checking system and many other great functions. The Grimag is an advertising-optimized magazin and blogsubject with a uniform lay-out and clear styling.

The Grimag is easy and provides various advertising space. With its multifunctional styling, it is ideal for any subject you want to work on. All in all, a minimally invasive look with a friendly look that lets you place advertisements anywhere on your site. The Grimag has an appealing look and feel and offers in-depth AdSense implementation.

Retina screen redesign, BuddyPress and BuddyPress integrated, bright and deep skin, infinite side bars, user-defined widths, shortcuts, user-defined style and font. An easy to read magazin and blogs topic with an enhanced Google AdSense inclusion. There is a contemporary and friendly look, with a straightforward two-column homepage lay-out and verification facilities for the user.

Its design is neat and allows you to place advertisements anywhere on the site, in any shape. The WordX application offers a reactive and minimalistic user experience, quick load time, rotary slide control option, smooth search engine optimisation, scrolling slide control, 590 symbols, short codes, high performance topic choices, infinite colours and background, extended text layout and good legibility.

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