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Several homepage layouts We' ve blended two themes: and WpNewspaper and now you can switch from one topic to another from the main screen with just one click. Need an on-line shop on your WordPress page with a great theme for your magazines? And we gave it a push and added built-in functionality and customized style for the most beloved E-Commmerce Wordpress plug-in, WooCommmerce.

The Advanced Newspaper theme was developed with a view to improving usability on the move. We' ve worked with some big and interesting customers working in the on-line messaging industry, and they all have their own category page designs, and with this theme you can have that too. In 2012, we launched the idea of a user-defined inner page design and then integrated this into every theme.

Use the advantages of these unique magazinestyle layout to have a new feel on every page. The Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most beloved frameworks for the design of fast reacting web sites created by the kind people at Twitter. Because of the robust source tree, easy handling and broad adoption, our topics will be build on this from now on.

Short codes - if you need extra style to jazz up your item, use short codes! Post your own video in MP4/OGV or WebM formats with caption overlay. You can use the built-in colour selection tool in the Theme Control Console to select the colours that reflect your trademark or company look to give your website an individual look.

While you won't find this on many other designs, we've now made it a default function for all Gabfire theming. The Advanced Newspaper comes with 6 attractively styled mail and page masters. The design is prepared to use 430+ continuously scaleable fonts symbols from Fonts Awesome.

The design was created with semantically correct HTML coding, correct header tag and correct schema. Easily customize your postings by adding default, footage, video, sound, or galleries. According to the postal type you select, your users will see a corresponding symbol in front of the postal header to indicate what it contains.

Designed to be translatable into more than one language, this theme is interoperable with the WPML translator plug-in and other similar plug-ins used by you or a customer, in a unique end user unchargeable end user workstation. The Gabfire Themes is available for freelancers at the price of $65/h.

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