Advertising Theme

promotional topic

A central, recurring idea or message that connects individual ads (consisting of an advertising campaign) to create a cumulative effect that is far greater than the overall effect of the individual, unrelated ads. It' the heart of the advertising text. Several of the popular themes used in advertising various products are listed below.

Marketability: Advertising topics

An advertising theme is a key, recurrent concept or statement that serves to initiate the customer's desire for activity. It' the core of the advertising text. Several of the favorite topics used in advertising various product are listed below. Prestige: - This advertising theme promotes luxuries among those whose possessions give them an unmistakable stature and a sense of proud.

Convenience: - Advertising for bathing equipment, HVAC, fans and other domestic equipment usually contains this sense of wellbeing. This is the way marketers want to show how using the service can make a person's lives a little simpler or more enjoyable. Business: - It is a frequent topic in sales and bargains.

Advertising is generally used to sell low value items. The medicines and foodstuffs are often promoted with this topic. The theme is used in advertising for cosmetic and perfumery items, as well as for men's and women's toiletries. Family Affection: This theme is used to promote items intended for infants, e.g. games, infant formula, clothes, tricycles, etc.

Anxiety: - The topics that emphasize the concern for mortality, accidents, loss by fire, break-ins, etc. are used in advertising for insurances, security arches, etc. Transport policemen also use this topic to warn human beings, i.e. to live briefly, not shorter, not shorter, not on the street, "to avoid the agony of an accident", etc.

As a rule, this topic is used by large companies that manufacture goods that are necessary for the economic growth of the nation, e.g. "H.M.T. Timepieces for the Nation". It is the wish to copy or copy respected men, e.g." as "successful men all over the use it. This issue is used by local companies to get local consumers to buy their goods instead of importing them.

Thus, for example, the catchphrase "Made in India" affects the attitude of those who believe in buying only goods manufactured in India. Enthusiasm for new things is so great that this theme can be used to promote new design, style, packaging, etc.

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