Affinity Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Affinity Theme

The Affinity is a classic one-page theme designed specifically for weddings and family ads. Go to Appearance > Topics in your admin area and click the Add New Affinity button. Select Upload and Select File, and then select the theme's Zip file.

Set up the title page

The Affinity is a traditional one-page theme specifically developed for marriages and classified ads. Stay up to date with your friends with a blogs and gather their news and requests for you in your guest book. Whatever you use it for, Affinity is an elegantly styled answer for your marriage or your big day out.

The first time you enable Affinity, your home page shows postings in a classic blogs style. To view your blogs, please use the page you create in Sequence One as the "Title Page" and another page as the "Post Page". The design does not require a title page to appear anywhere at the site ?set - 19, a statical page as the title page, and you are ready to go.

The page alone shows a full size picture, your full size picture, your full size picture and your full size picture, your full size picture, your full size picture, your full size picture and your full size picture. Browse to Customize Topic Option ? In order to adjust the wallpaper of your panels, you have to add a feature enhanced one. The Affinity solution provides support for celebrity feature images in the blogs as well as individual contributions and pages.

Pictures of any magnitude are sufficient, but horizontal pictures work best. Customize the coverage of the featured imagery at Customize ? Theme Options ? General. You can see it on the front page, on your blogs, and in the archive above the picture of your custom head. When no custom header is enabled, the site tagline is disabled.

As well as setting up the title page, you can customise the theme's behaviour under Customise ? Theme options ? General. Modify the coverage of the head frame for better text to text ratio. Clear the "Scroll selected images on large monitors in the background" check box to modify the head and title page scanning behaviour of Selected images on large monitors.

The Affinity has a one or two-column design. Adds widgets to the side bar area for a classic two-column blogs, or leaves them empty for an elegant one-column look. This topic also contains three options for wide areas in the footer: Customize these widgets areas via Customize ? Apply your custom settings to the webpage. The Affinity service comes with two page templates that you can use to enhance your content:

It is the ideal way to present a large galery of pictures or a movie. Modify the page and click More Options. Enable the Allow commenting and publishing option under the Discussion heading. The Affinity Social Links application provides a convenient Social Links pull-down list that is displayed in the bottom line. The Affinity has a small but fine introduction function.

You can see the Introductory Area, also known as "Deck" or "Kicker", between the heading and your copy on your posting. In the Extract box, insert your introduction into each article found in the More Options section of the side bar of the Mail Editor. The Affinity also provides support for the following features: There are 560 columns for blogs and 716 for pages.

Features images are shown in 720 broad and customizable heights on the blogs and in full width with customizable heights for individual articles and pages. Site logos appear in a width of 800 max and a heigth of 300 max. User-defined headers are shown in full width with variable heights.

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