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With our unlimited member library, you can save millions of royalty-free materials, motion graphics, and After Effects templates. High-quality After Effects video tutorials for motion graphics and visual effects presented by Andrew Kramer. Backgrounds animated for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and more. I' m a professional graphic designer, elite video author, and certified Adobe After Effects CC expert. Get the best free images about post-production.

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Motions graphic template. Designed to give content creators a smooth way to directly create rich graphic effects in Premiere Pro without having to waste valuable editing experience on creating their own title, overlay or animation. Now more than ever, the whole planet is communicating via CCTV. Not only do movement graphic artwork help creative people enhance the overall storyline by presenting important information, it also sets powerful optical highlights to motivate the onlooker.

Today's audiences are more demanding and secure than ever, making graphic design essential in a highly competetive market. You can use a motion graphic template for all layers of your game. Beginners will find high-quality, pre-built artwork to help them in their creativity and best practice to help them research and develop their abilities.

Experienced creative professionals will find a template an effective way to convey their visions, shorten the lead times to the end result, and encourage inspirations and engagement with new work processes. Contrary to conventional After Effects template, you don't need any After Effects skills or, in most cases, any After Effects installation.

Combined with our vast collection of over 4 million high-definition and 4k movies, these cost-effective tools help content creators create their own unique creativity more simply and effectively. Meanwhile, you'll find the latest from Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Character Animator.

This is how to eliminate the black background from the material

You' ve been downloading free explosive or bloodstock material from detonation films or film boxes and don't know how to get away with the sturdy dark backdrop of the film? The majority of stock images that you can free of charge down load from the web do not have a real alphafootage system. In After Effects, if you drop the video into your composite, it's likely to look like this:

Professionally coded stock footing items, such as the stunning Action Essentials 2 Stock Logo Package from Videocopilot, are usually pre-encoded. That means that the monochrome backdrop of B&W has already been deleted and the movie has a suitable alphachannel that determines its translucency. This is an exploding set of Action Essentials that has been pasted into the same piece in Adobe After Effects:

Since Action Essentials 2 is not free, however, you can easily choose to use archival material that you can find on other websites on-line. Luckily, it's really simple to remove the sturdy dark backdrop from your blast or your bleeding cells, so let's see how you can do that! After Effects provides a blend mode for each level in your compositions that controls how that level is composted on the underlying levels.

Normally the mix mode is switched to 'Normal'. When working with explosion or fire, a very easy way to eliminate the dark backdrop is to switch the blend mode to 'Screen' or 'Add'. It changes the way the plane pixel is merged with the plane below, and since both mode (in one way or another) take into account the pixel luminosity (brightness) to determine whether the pixel is opaque, the dark backdrop disappears completely.

Whilst this works well with an explosion or fire, it does not really work with either your own circulation, grime or deposits. Due to the fact that these items themselves are rather cloudy, the Mix Mode Screen or the Add mode makes the Stock Footing items themselves very weak and semi-transparent. When this happens, you must eliminate the backdrop with a colored keyboard effect.

Use After Effects to create a variety of color-coding effects. In After Effects, one of the effects I often use is the built-in'Linear Colour Key' effect. Use this effect on your stock feetage elements. Linear Shade Key is a very easy effect with just a few choices and the only thing you have to do is use the Shade Selector for the Key Colors feature and click on the monochrome dark backdrop of your Stock Shooting Clips.

You can optimize the effect with the Matching Toleration and Matching Softness features, dependent on the material used. However, if the backdrop has a few areas that are not entirely dark, it may be useful to slightly raise this margin to ensure that the stock feetage item is correctly cropped.

You' ll probably want a smoother border on items like blasts and fire, and you can do that by boosting the matching softness of the Linear Color Key effect. That' all you need to know to get rid of a dark backdrop from your archive material! Let's take a look at how to delete wallpapers in either red or white from our video clips!

Once your clips wallpaper is no longer blackened, you can no longer change the mix modes. This is a smoking stick film material item against a verdant ground selected for Mixer mode 'Screen'. Use the linear color key as before, but if you're working with a motif against a greenscreen or bluescreen, I suggest you use the much stronger keylight effect in Adobe After Effects.

Linear color keys can cause problems with the coloration, hue, and color progression of background images with green/blue screens. Once you have applied the effect to your Stock Shooting clips, use the color selector to choose the color of the verdant display. The largest part of the verdant display should be immediately deleted from your video now!

Due to progressions and shadow on the Greenscreen, however, it may not be properly cleaned. One sees clearly rather nasty artifacts around our smoking area. In order to fix this, we need to clear the 'Screen Mat' of the keylight effect. Just modify the View properties of the Keylight effect on 'Screen Matte'.

Blacks are regarded as transparence, whites as not. Do this by increasing the Clip Blacks feature and lowering the Clip Whites feature to firm up the edge of the greenscreen and eliminate everything around our smoking area. Then, set the View effect of the Keylight effect back to'End Result' and the smoking item will now be correctly disconnected from the dark blue backdrop on which it was recorded.

It' so easy and now you should have everything you need to get many good uses out of all the great free stock plot items you can find now!

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