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WorldPress is a web software that lets you create a beautiful website, blog or app. We' d like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless. An events calender You can easily administrate our diary of upcoming activities. Our up-to-date agenda of upcoming activities provides full ics/ical assistance. Allows you to bring your own news from other web site diaries and give your visitors the opportunity to sign up for your newsalender.

iCalendar (. ics) is one of the most powerful functions of the All-in-One Eventcalendar system.

Type an activity on one website and you can have it auto-entered into another website's calender. They can even broadcast occurrences from a particular catagory or day (or a combo of catagories and tags). There are many functions in our calendars of upcoming activities that we are hoping will be useful to our visitors, including: Recurrent incidents, even those with intricate pattern.

Filter by type of incident or day. Easily share with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook and any other system that supports iCalendar (.ics) Feeds. Embed Google Maps. Colour encoded incidents according to the categories. Incorporated incident pictures and catagory pictures. Wideget for coming shows. Immediate link to selected calendars. Topic settings to adjust the view of the calendars.

In-line calendaring topic editors. Auto-calendars import other calendars to show them in your calender. Standardize and mark your imports automaticly. The plugin can also be simply importet. Every single events is SEO-optimized. Every meeting refers to the initial calender. Filters by events categories name ( separated by comma): Filters by incident type ID ( separated by commas):

Filters by incident Tag name (separate identifiers by comma): Filters by events ID ( separated by commas): Choose a different starting date: The name of each meeting appears quite small and has no possibility to alter the respective fonts. Required to figure out how to fade out the top right corner buttons on the events detail pages associated with the full calender.

"is an open resource software." Fixed: The Subscription drop-down list didn't work correctly. Mended:: The Featured Image was not displayed when the Twitter or Facebook sharing occurred. Mended:: Mended:: The date displayed on the page with the events forecast was wrong. Prefixed "http_build_query_query(): Mended:: Mended:: Mended:: Added: New section about examples to help new calendars use.

Fixed: Incorrect display of extern ticket handling addresses on import event. Mended:: Some PHP installs did not allow a certain event export source to work. Mended:: The picture was absent at some occasions. Mended:: Mended:: If there are no incidents for the actual months, the months display would fill with empty rows.

Fixed: A few event with an presented picture were export without X-WP-IMAGES-URL propertieset. Mended:: Fixed: Corrected an issue where some import incidents were not stored properly in the contacts due to an incorrect analysis. Mended:: Solved: XSS security issue. Mended:: The right arrows for switching to the next months were absent in the monthly display.

Fixed: There was no modem dialog when you click on the hyperlink in the Tooltip/Popup in Features Items. Mended:: Removed the lack of tag for the last months icon. Fixed: Treatment of absent or badly reformatted time zones when imported event was enhanced. Mended:: Mended:: Unknown index errors would appear in the monthly display.

Workaround: Some people got an empty page when trying to see the latest release detail. Solved: The import into the Google calendar did not work properly. Mended:: Mended:: Now Open Graph Meta Tag match with proper data and recurring event URIs. Mended:: Avoids passing double postal IDocs to update_meta_cache() after event searches, resulting in a much smaller data base request.

Mended:: Mended:: Remove broken links from eventview if import of eventlist from CSV/ICS-files. Mended:: Fixed: Sometimes the application programming interface (API) login / login in progress did not work. Mended:: Multiday overlaps in the monthly display. Mended:: With recurring incidents, the name of the months in the tool tip "Repetitions" was written in lower case. Fixed: The import of calendars into Google Kalender that didn't work is the case in some special cases.

Mended:: The end date of the postboard meeting was not correctly interpreted. Workaround: Some contributors report that they did not receive notification from front-end submitters. Fixed: The import of calendars into Google Datendar did not work if the calendars used the HTTPS protocols. Mended:: Duplicate recurring occurrences for occurrences that have been import from Google Kalender. Mended:: When you select a date using the Date key, the artist moves up in the Posters Board screen, not down on the page.

Worked over: The timescale is only displayed in the message if the Show messages in calender timescale item on the Settings page is enabled. Modified: The "Free Event" check box in the "Event Costs and Tickets" section is now disabled by default whenever an incident is added. Modified: Now the starting and ending date is always displayed on the page of the meeting.

Mended:: Mended:: Mended:: Generate Widgets - Even if the Full Calender is set to "No Navigate Bar", the Navigate Panel will still be displayed. Solved: Ticketing now shows the right one. Mended:: Issued: Recurring event exhibitions with a starting date older than 3 years. Mended:: Complete days have not been properly pasted.

Fixed: The " Save Tax & Invoice Options" (Time. ly Tickets) dialog now opens properly in Safari. Mended:: Google Maps API keysetting added. Beginning June 22, 2016, Google may ask for an additional Google API code to make Google Maps work. Enables the username to cancel the ticketing even after the sales have started. Mended:: If the " No end times " item was checked and the launch was 23:45, the next day's incident was displayed.

Fixed: It was not possible to insert or modify the venue-picture. Fixed: When importing tickets from another website, timed ticket incident didn't show the Buy ticket icon. Mended:: Repetitive import Ereignisse start/end times were wrong for subsequent instance of the import Ereignis. Fixed: The Immediate Tickets checkbox was not stored.

Mended:: Export the location options of the events as a catagory. Worked over: Some elements of the add-ons page used corrupt urls. Reduced costs of events compared to ticket sales for better usability. Modify the events page to avoid void emails for the Organizer. Solved: The picture does not appear in the popup screen of the monthly preview.

Fixed: Ticketing Beta - Each ticketing is set to 1 by default instead of the real one. Fixed: Ticketing Beta - wrong alignment of ticketing types when a ticketing was stopped. Resolves the problem with the DB upgrade on some websites. Creates a new organizing option that includes categories, tags, enhanced troubleshooting on the ICSeeds page (more comprehensive reports, renders; refreshed screen shots for basic topics; pop-up position of monthly fixes; via feds; selected); enhanced third parties topic compatability (compasso); enhanced contacts information import/export via ICS Feeds; explanation of user-defined rule; as enabled when selected); ICSeeds created double event.

Enhanced "Subscribe" pushbutton for the calendars; when signing up for a product that does not provide extensive formats; Recovered ability to select week/day views start/end time; Recovered Agenda Views limits; Translator string; Front-end forms data picker resulted in Core being deactivated; Menus (add/edit); Avoid rewriting previously uploaded event from a feeder; not responding; System; Fixed WPML compliance; Specify interval; File; Make WPML writeable; Install; Wrong on some topics; Resolved problem where it was not possible to handle some of the incidents; Some cases; Resolved problem where it was not possible to handle some of the recurring incidents; Recovered WPML decompression disabling feature; Select;

Problem solved where agenda widget did not display launch times; export event; feedback; tables were empty; Google calendars; event; fixed problem where short code for a tag display was wrongly specified; solved problem where HTML character in category/tag name appear; (the whole sentence was processed instead); (non-English characters) in it; (calendar display; corrupt; customized https:

Recovered translations file; Recovered tag/category filter on All incidents page; Resolved problem where in some cases RSS feeds were not exported; in some cases; Resolved problem where Add to Google Calendar shortcut; cases; Changed topic ranking by giving higher precedence to sub topics; Resolved problem where Show year did not work. operation).

Occurrences. Corrected a problem where the preferences page did not save the changes. Corrected problem with calendar subscriptions.

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