DeliZen, a project management app, allows users to organize tasks and track the progress of other team members and the entire project. AgileZen software review: system overview, features, pricing and cost information. Below table compares Agilezen and Trello. Immediately integrate AgileZen into other applications and automate your workflow.

Functions, prices, alternatives and more

There is more to every successful business than just work. There is the work flow that your jobs need to go through, subtasks that need to be done before the job can be done, teammate suggestions that need to be taken into account, and more. In order to keep the overview, you need a system of managing your projets, as well as something that ensures that you will be informed with every change.

All of this is provided by AgileZen in a single, easy-to-use application. Combining a customisable kanbans work flow, basic job alerts and a fast instant messaging feature in one application, it ensures nothing gets lost from your work. And it shows everything about each assignment directly on your dashboards so you never miss a comment or subtask.

This begins with your own ventures, which AgileZen keeps organised in Kanban-like tables. There are 5 standard listings in new Projectboards: Backlog and Archive listings are standard minimize; they are a place where you can store your idea and completed task without being distracted from the work. It is possible to create additional schedules, change the name and describe a schedule, rearrange schedules in any order, or set a threshold so that a schedule can only contain a certain number of items at a given moment.

Then it' your turn to put your work in. Press the Append pushbutton on the top bar to open a drop-down window where you can type your "story" or assignment with a long name. Every history can contain a magnitude (or an estimation of workload), precedence, timing, tags, and one of 8 colours to distinguish it from other work.

For more information, click on the top of a map and choose the appropriate tool bar to attach subtasks, appendices or commentaries or mark them as complete. Or, click the find tool on a map for a full-screen edit page, where you can concentrate only on one map, and click Capture Tabs at the top to move a job to the next part of its processing.

While you are working, you may need to talk about the work with your group. AgileZen allows you to do this with a simple instant messenger program. Simply click the Disagree and enter your email and everyone currently signed in to AgileZen can see and react to it in live. Then you can merge the entire task on its home page, display each part of the task in a table-like chart for fast sort, or apply a filter to display only certain items at once.

Meanwhile, your projects should take form, with assignments organised in a work flow, and your teams have concentrated on the needs. Now all you need is a single easy way to keep an overview of what's been done and what changes have been made - and that's what AgileZen has with its alert preferences. It can be configured to receive an e-mail, a HipChat collaborative chats or an IM in Google Talk, AIM or ICQ when something happens in your work.

AgileZen makes it simple to finish your project with customisable workflow, alerts and an integrated instant messaging engine, without worrying about something being abandoned or overlooked.

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