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Latest tweets from Alamy (@alamy). sspan class="mw-headline" id="Overview">√úbersicht[edit] Same picture, Alamy maintain an on-line library of over 125 million still images [citation required], illustration and hundred thousand of video contributions by agents and freelance photographers or gathered from press releases, museum and country collection. Providers have included both professionals and amateurs, agents, intelligence sources, libraries, museums, federal libraries, and publicly accessible contents that have been duplicated by Wikimedia Commons.

Customers come from the photographic, printing and promotional sectors as well as from the general population. Edinburgh University alumnus James West is Alamy's CEO and co-founded the business with Mike Fischer in 1999. The same year, 2011, the firm extended its global distribution operations and established offices in Germany, Australia and the Middle East.

Alamy heralded its new Chief Executive Andy Harding in 2017. In July 2016, Carol M. Highsmith filed a lawsuit against Alamy for the sale of non-attributed photos that she had given to the Library of Congress[25][26][27] License Compliance Services, part of Alamy, had also sent an e-mail to the This is America trust, a trust established by Highsmith himself.

In the email it said, "We have seen that one or more images that Alamy represents have been used for your company's on-line use. Alamy's record shows that "your business does not have a current licence to use the images"[28] and charged a $120 US compromise charge for the violation Highsmith was charged with.

Highsmith' s complaint was rejected because she had deregistered her copyright and the photos were made publicly available.

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