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Alessio Atzeni's Alice Theme. "Alice" is a very neat children's theme for Stargazer WordPress Theme (The most advanced theme ever created). alice - agency & freelancer portfolio theme of Bluxart Compile your pages with backgrounds, text, images, text, faders and more...

just a few mouse clicks and Page Builders adjustments. So you can have your favourite movie embedded from your own home, your own home or on your own with a nice wallpaper. You can choose to view the movie in a pop-up mode or upload it to the new screen for your portable devices/tablets.

Stylish and advanced Bootstrap Frameworks implementation with WPML Multi Language Plugin compatibility. Please don't forgive if you like Alice Creative Theme and would like to review it. Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: The topic is currently on 2.0.4 release. The theme has a contemporary look with sleek accents and everything is built by a robust bootstrap frameworks.

This theme used advanced technology such as CSS3 transition, animation and HTML 5 tag to give the user a better user interface. Absolutely fast, it offers your guests an optimized view of the volume theme with tablets and portable equipment. So you can have your favourite videos from your own host, your own host or from your own videos on youtube or vimeo.

In your area, you can select whether the movie is decorated or if you have a Play/Pause key. The Alice is also equipped with many symbol fonts: Fantastic different section options available for your theme full frame, full width and standard section with user defined wallpaper colour, user defined picture, full coverage wallpaper videos with an overlays covering power with full checks.

You' ll be able to use the new functions in Modal to present your work in a truly original way. Blogs are also in this topic, you can select between grid or broad layout, enable endless scrolling or use the default page number. The Alice comes with a very simple and user-friendly administration panel.

Unavailable a bunch of functions and customizations for each page, portofolio mail, collaborative mail and blogs mail. It comes with a fantastic Page Builder Visual Composer plugin that stands under a slightly updated release for full compatability with the theme's theme designed, allowing you to create your own pages with unbelievable effortlessness!

Many shortcuts exist, and all of them offer many user-defined layout choices of functions. Use the AZ Slider to build a fast, wide or full-screen slider or use the Revolution Slider plug-in built into the design. Make a theme for a children by assuming that it contains a motif for a children's album.

Designed with neat, semiantic HTML5 coding and fully compliant with YOAST SOE for added performance and web site controls. Topic includes . po & . mo data are available, and also compliant with multilingual Plugins like WPML. This theme contains the imported format for downloading the demonstration contents from the preview (without the copyright protected images).

This topic offers a comprehensive documentary and many video tutorials. Your design uses automated updating to ensure that you always have the latest available versions of the design. If you buy a copy of Alice Theme, you will get full acces to 5-star account management and above all, all upgrades are free!

Complimentary assistance is only provided for errors, issue-related questions and really small changes (a few moments of work). Unless you find a genuine error that I don't want to fix, I don't provide a refund on my topics. The topics I deal with work exactly the way I promote them, so there are no reimbursements for things like mispurchases or adjustment troubles.

Create social exchange - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Pigeon Range Header - You can choose between a black and a bright one. Children's Theme Provided - Support for simple customizations that are not affected by theme upgrades. Many thanks for the great artist and creatives who have provided me with some of their great illustration project for Alice Portfolio Wordpress Theme.

At the moment the theme is available in 2.0.4 release.

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