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Thirteen things you need to know about WordPress With our fast and simple trivia game, you can quickly determine exactly how you can get into technology. WorldPress is the first CMS I have learnt. In 2007, I was commissioned to create a user-defined WordPress blogs topic to imitate the company's major website (which is not based on WordPress).

So I got started with WordPress developing (I had previously blogged a few month with WordPress and spent a few years designing and developing). Throughout the years since then I have never found a CMS that I like to work with more than WordPress. That' s because WordPress is fantastic.

Here are 13 things you should know about WordPress, whether you're a programmer, weblogger, or just interested in what WordPress can do. WordPress supports more Web sites than any other CMS in the entire globe (a CMS is simple enough to create, modify and post your own Web content).

Indeed, WordPress power 4. Between 50 and 60% of the web pages that use a CMS are based on WordPress. We have 17 postings that are posted every second of every single working day on WordPress pages. As many pages as you would recognise use WordPress. CNN's blogging is based on WordPress, as are Reuters', The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

The Mashable, The Next Web and The New Yorker are also all based on WordPress. Noteworthy WordPress brand names are People Magazine, The Rolling Stones, Vogue, MTV News, Facebook (for their newsroom), Harvard Business Review and NASA, among many others. When WordPress is strong enough for these websites, then it is strong enough for almost any website you need to create!

The WordPress started out as a blogsite, but somewhere along the way the developer realised it could do so much more. No matter if you want to build a simple website for a small company or a giant on-line shop with thousand of items, it can be done with WordPress.

The WordPress application allows you to expand what it can do by using plug-ins. Both free and commercial plug-ins exist that can do practically anything you want without having to rewrite your coding from the ground up. At the moment there are over 45,000 free WordPress plug-ins in the WordPress directories.

This does not cover all our premier plug-ins that can give your websites even more features. Plus, if you know PHP (the WordPress programming interface is based on it), you can further customise any plug-in you want to use exactly as you need it. Designers aren't the only technical professionals out there who need WordPress capabilities.

Understanding how to setup WordPress, customise a design and deploy plug-in software can help you make a lot of savings if you're just getting started. What's more, you can get a lot of done and done with WordPress. Marketing specialists can also use the capabilities of WordPress. If you know how WordPress works, you have the benefit of not having to worry about your developer making small changes or someone else setting up a new page or website.

While there are literally hundreds of plug-ins that can enhance the WordPress experience, what many folks don't know is that some of these plug-ins are perfectly suited for backend functions that businesses need. WordPress makes things like CRM tools, issue tracker and even all-in-one in-tranets possible.

Self-hosting this kind of app without having to buy a supplier can help you saving every year, especially if you can administer all these plug-ins yourself. It' simple to create a member-only site with WordPress plug-ins. Members have a dozen or so plug-ins for websites only, some free and some not.

They can use these subscription plug-ins to build websites with premier contents, posted on-line community, and more. You can use them to generate chargeable or free member pages. WorldPress is completely free and open open sourced. Never have to spend a cent on WordPress, and you can make any changes you want to the site reference number.

Use WordPress for any type of website you want, and for as many websites as you want, without buying extra licences. You can also get ten thousand of free designs and plug-ins, all of which you can use and personalize. However, there are many premier topics and plug-ins that you have to buy.

Advantage: You can build your own custom topics and plug-ins to make your own profit. When you want to work as an associate, you will find WordPress related positions in either your own agency or in a company that has a WordPress office. Wordprocessing capabilities can help you get a career as a programmer or graphic artist or in the field of advertising.

Besides working in agencies or companies, you can also work as a freelancer as a WordPress expert. No matter if you want to provide essential site set-up and themes adjustment or fully customised websites with all kinds of back-end coding, there are so many possibilities. Wordprocessing capabilities are also very useful for blogs, marketers, SEO advisors and anyone else who works with websites hosting on WP.

Do you know all the great topics and plug-ins I talked about? In 2008, they began developing high-quality topics and plug-ins. They were bought last year by Automattic, the WordPress mother tongue, for $30 million in liquid assets and inventory. And even bespoke premier designer topics earn ten thousand dollar a months.

As early as 2011, he was the first thematic writer to sold 1 million dollars in thematic books (and he's still leaving 5 years later). But the point is that you can make good bucks with the sale of ready-made premier topics and plug-ins, without having to work directly with customers, and without having to work for an employers, which gives you all the freedom you want in your careers.

You will be given enough abilities to work as a free-lance contractor for three month. They can begin with things like theme customization and new WordPress page creation in even less challenging times and then learning how to do more over the years. The WordPress pages are simple to administer, both in relation to service and from the customer's point of view, when administering the contents on the site.

Since WordPress has been on the market for so long (it was first published in 2003), there is a vast on-line user base and comprehensive user manual. As well as all the free fellowship there is also free fellowship service from a wide range of developer companies, so if you encounter a problem that you really can't find out on your own, you can always get someone to help you.

Interested in learning WordPress? As a WordPress programmer you can start with our 3-month free WordPress Career Blueprint. With our fast and simple trivia game, you can quickly determine exactly how you can get into technology. She has been a free-lance journalist, copywriter and journalist for a dozen years, and writes for some of the world's premier web designs and technology blogging sites.

If she doesn't write about art, she devotes her spare moments scriptwriting and making movies (and musical video for rocks and metals!) in the northeast of Vermont.

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