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Discover PHOTO BLOG, an elegant design that sets the scene for your visual masterpieces. Free of charge, but efficient and can meet all customer needs. A clean, modern design for the minimalist writer in all of us.

Best 100 free WordPress themes of all time

WordPress Topics Directory is a truly awesome resources that offers tens of thousand of topics for free downloading. Yet the mere amount of topics makes the Repository less user-friendly. Out of these thousand of topics, many will not meet the standards you need. Also, with some restricted searching and filter utilities, it can be really hard to find the right topic for your WordPress website.

We took the longest (!) to browse through the list and choose what we think are the best 100 free WordPress themes. So, instead of getting involved with for a long while, take a few moments to browse the 100 best free themes you'll find here.

So if you've come across a topic that hasn't been recorded, let us know in the commentary. Enlightenment, if clearness is what you are looking for, will ensure that your messages are clear no matter what kind of equipment it is on. The Fashionista is ideal for fashion-conscious blogs or those who need to bring their contents to the fore.

With AccessPress Partallax, your creativity creation company can tell its own stories in a stylish way through the powerful and tempting Partallax scroll function. When you want to present your pictures or your portfolios efficiently and yet discreetly, you should try SKT Full Width Pro. HemiWay allows face-to-face blogs to present their best contents in a minimalistic way, with just enough impact to get your messages across.

Present the most important items of your small company with Zerif. Don't be selling yourself, let this subject do it for you. The Sampression Lite provides a one-of-a-kind brick-style design that allows you to present your contents in a very funny and cheerful way. The Accelerate is a multifunctional and very versatile topic.

Thanks to its clear contours, image assistance and fast slide control, you can emphasize the most important features of your work. Hashor is the ideal topic for small businessmen who want to present their businesses in a fresh and imaginative way. Easy, neat, responsive quick and reactive. If your organisation needs a clear and stylish look to present your best work, Interface is the place for you.

When B2B activity blogs are a key part of your company, let lconic One take your publication activities to the next stage. This is a good selection for any small company or every creativity agancy. With this topic you can lead your on-line journal from a sleep to real life. Its clear, straight forward line and fundamental styling allow you to focus on your messages.

Using sparkling, you can use the strength of slim designs to communicate your messages in style while presenting your contents in an elegant way. Travelify may be the right choice for you if you have a tour operator or tour ism-like business looking for a better way to present your work and interact with people.

When your company depends on your capacity to post and promote a flow of high-quality information, MesoColumn could take your effort to new levels. Combining a brillant head of palladium with a beautifully designed contents display, you' re sure to get the most out of your creativity work. Virtuousness is a neat, fashionable and image-centered subject that will help light a photolous website.

Ideal for the photographer and other professional creators. As the name implies, Spacious is an absolute beauty, created with great caution. Expand this sense to your clients by using this unique topic. One of the most versatile WordPress themes, Point is best suited for businesses that need to view and manage large amounts of information.

The Hueman is ideal for on-line magazine or blogger with a great deal of contents. Have this topic help to emphasize your best contents in a contemporary way. At last an opportunity to present your unbelievable amount of contents without overtaxing your users. Baskerville could be the topic for you if the contents are your loaf of bread and your churn.

The Moesia is the ideal model for creating a powerful website. Accentuate your service and find out what makes your organization stand out. Highland is at least a test ride away if you really care about your contents and the on-line world. Soft pastels and sleek lettering bring this to life.

Track doesn't look like any other topic on the open and that' s a good thing. Our unmatched point-of-sale presentation presents your contents in a way you want to immerse yourself in. The Circumference Lite is the ideal topic for small businesses who want you to make yourself at home.

When your services require an additional level of personality, try Circumference Lite. Designed for the blogger who wants their words to do the speaking. Pure, contemporary styling for the minimumist author in all of us. At Wilson, we find a way to present your different style of contents in a fun yet contemporary way.

The BoldR Lite aims to make a brave impression with its contemporary styling by concentrating on the on-line magazines industry. Outfitted with a range of products, it' s stylish, neat and ideal for anyone who wants to show their younger side. ADVENTURUS is very versatile and is aimed at those who want to show their savage side in the store.

Designed for the photographer, blogger and business community in general, this box-shaped motif is ideal. Pretty fast reacting, Ignite is ideal for face-to-face blogs with a little more sophistication. It will make your website look amazing - regardless of your display area. This is a Zen-like topic for face-to-face blogs. The Garfunkel presents your contents in a beautiful way in a relaxing learning area.

With Discover, you can get the most out of your company and conceal the remainder. When your messages are clear and concise, then you need this topic so that no clarification is wasted. Simple, minimally and up to date. This box provides support for any face-to-face blogs or creativity agencies with its clear design and beautiful slide control.

When you see the outside meets the inside and need a subject that can keep up, Pictorico might be for you. Sauron is the ideal choice for business-oriented blogs and companies looking for a topic with palladium to spread their messages. Contemporary and entertaining feeling.

Hereo is ideal for those who have the need to present their claim in a courageous way, but still want to keep the classical feeling of a blogsite. With Heavenly you can present the variety of possibilities that your work offers without overtaxing your guests. Enables you to present the best of what your company has to say.

Superhero is a great way to give your own blogs a push. An elegant subject for your company. The THBusiness stands out from other business-oriented topics by focusing on the detail of the designs. 6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. Follow them and have contributions sent to your mailbox every day - free of charge! Present your work in an organised way that works for you and your customers.

The Esteem is a versatile, punched lay-out topic that spans a wide range of sectors. This is the ideal mixture of contemporary styling and striking designs. If you actually run a MyWiki, MyWiki is the flawless styling choice. Present your best texts, photographs or video in a fat yet simple way. The Hoffman is a wonderfully classy, minimalist version tailored for your own blogging needs.

Present to your patient what is really important to them. The Catch Flames is a generous design that allows you to emphasize all your contents in a way that won't overburden your visitors.

Excellence allows you to build a company or commercial website that still maintains a little sophistication. Ram is a minimalistic subject with zero fuzz. Communicate your messages with maximum lucidity by using this topic for your own blogger. With its flowing one-sided styling, Stop Point will force you to get to the core of your company and its sleek headers will captivate you.

Clear and very versatile, Invert Lite allows you to create a nice web site in just a few moments. An excellent option for media-driven businesses, on-line magazine and message-sites. Continuing the FlatOn style, FlatOn offers an elegantly designed corporate identity with several highly engaging multimedia features that will enhance your work.

They both help you to present what is important in your company in a clear and straightforward way. Achieve your clients in a new way with this uncomplicated topic. The Unconditional is smooth, versatile and great for professionals in blogging and creativity. Transmit your full -width messages with the stylish slide control. Tone is a subject that makes brave thoughts even braver.

It' s crunchy and has minimum styling functions so your contents can really sparkle. Scetch is a portfolios topic for artist and creative. Accentuate your best work in a way that your customers will like. Present your best self with Convac Lite. Draw people's attention to your own individual trademark and set your best with attractive pictures.

YouIT CWP offers game reviews and IT sites a contemporary look to present their contents in a creative way and inspire people. If you need to be fashionable and set an example. M├ętro X is for Blogger and Medienunternehmen, which are on the search for somewhat more projection. Bushhwick wonderfully combines contents and images to add a touch of class to your words and seduce your readership with a new way to read.

The Foodeez Lite is stylish and stylish, allowing you to enhance your dining or accommodation experience with elegance and elegance. Classics is a great entry-level topic for your commercial or advertising company. There are no bell or whistle, just a fixed topic to get in touch with your clients. Company topics can also sometimes be a little funny.

The Alhena Lite communicates your messages in a clear way, so that nothing gets wasted during the process of translating. The Food Recycling service will help you present your food receipts, review and other cooked food related contents. Whether you are a media-driven newscast or an on-line publication, CW Magazines is the place to take your words to the outside with you.

Sporting allows sport blogs or news organizations to concentrate on the actions while focusing on the basics. The Striker is an easy-to-fit design that supports design studios to do what they do best - concentrate on their work. SingL allows performers and performers to emphasize their work and unite with their supporters.

The GK Portfolio enables the photographer and other designers to enhance their best work with their distinctive raster system. The Edin Islands are a contemporary busi-ness topic that makes simplification right. Your logo will be powerful thanks to the creativity of your types and images. It' the ideal way to create an on-line magazine. No title is a beautiful, fat topic for face-to-face blogs.

When things were easy and blogging worked more like blogging on-line. RoccoPhoto Lite goes beyond most photo themes and focuses on the history behind the shoot. You will want this up to date and neat for the fotographer in your lifetime. Kathmandu is light weight and ideal for companies or web sites related to travelling. As almost every round-up mail is not complete, there were also some nice topics that didn't quite make it.

But each of the topics above would make a good option for your own website.

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