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Easy Digital Downloads Topics are now 100% free of charge - WordPress Tavern

Today Easy Digital Downloads has heralded a fundamental shift in its thematic market. The EDD main EDD topics (created by the EDD key team) are now 100% free. These include half a dozen themes fully compliant with EDD guarantees, plus the new Vendd themes presented today.

Sean Davis, head of support for MDD, explained how the free topics are supported: You can access our offical topics free of charge. You will continue to be licenced so that you can get topic upgrades directly from your WordPress Dashboard, and we will also be providing technical assistance. Opening up half a dozen issues may look like it will significantly raise the EDD's supporting load, but Williamson anticipates that the move will be worth it in a different way.

As many other WordPress shopkeepers who have done some of their best work for free, Williamson has a policy on how it will work. These significant changes are in line with EDD's existing free-market EDD franchise from the outset. Our key products are free of charge and happy customers continue to buy from the Add-On-Marktplatz.

"By establishing a good subject from the start, the probability that you will become a paid client is much higher," Williamson said. Up to now, the free trial has worked well for the enterprise and making six themed free makes perfect when the business is mainly about plug-ins.

Only three years into the deal, EDD 2014 achieved a turnover of around half a million dollar. Since topics had no significant share in sales, Williamson assigns them as free of charge items to further develop a client portfolio for his plug-ins.

Awesome Windows 7 Themes 26

Microsoft's first OS, Windows 7, was largely designed with customer input in mind. Windows 7 is the first Microsoft OS to be designed with customer input in mind. 7. And if you're one of those Windows 7 update or buy customers, you might want to look out for some customized themes. We present today 26 of the best and most fresh topics that DeviantArt developers have made.

Hint: If you like these topics, you might want to check out our Windows 7 wallpaper library. On our HomePage you will find useful free software and hints for Windows 7. The download of these topics is easy. Please click on the topic you would like to address to go to the designer's page where you will find detailed information about the installer and other information.

You should find the download button in the side bar on the designers page. And if you don't intend to switch to Windows 8 in the near future, but like the new Metro look, take a look at our own Metro-style Windows 8 wallpaper. Or, if so, take a look at our collection of Windows 8 themes.

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